Troy Manor Cooperative

4562 W Perry St

Indianapolis, IN 46241

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Troy Manor Cooperative, a cooperative community, has all the advantages of home ownership AND cooperative living at the same time. A Housing Cooperative is an organization that fits somewhere between home ownership or a condominium organization and renting. In a condominium, each owner owns his/her unit, and they jointly own an undivided share in the common areas. In a Cooperative, ownership of stock in the corporation allows the owner to reside in a particular unit, leased from the Corporation. The Carrying Charges to the unit covers the mortgage, and pays for maintenance staff and management, just as a condo fee does.

Troy Manor Cooperative is a member of the prestigious Kirkpatrick Management Co., Inc. collection of residential communities. We pride ourselves on providing a cooperative living experience for the discerning resident with a busy, active lifestyle. Our central location is accessible from two major highways and public transportation, just minutes from downtown and many recreational areas.

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about us

Troy Manor Cooperative is a great place to call home! Our mature landscape and green spaces create a welcoming atmosphere as you arrive home. Enjoy the serenity of your private patio that you are welcome to personalize. Our seasoned maintenance staff work hard to provide you an excellent apartment that you transform into a charming home!

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