So what is in it for ME?

Sometimes Emergency’s or  conflicts with schedules or issues with budget can arise and prevent you from being able to take part in something that would truly benefit you.   

This is how our conference looked this year.  It was disappointing because over 300 people come together to exchange ideas and information to help each other with different problems.  With over 50 classes it is quite a good training event.  

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you know in cooperatives things keep changing, which means you’re constantly having to stay ahead of the curve with best new practices and trends in the industry.

So what is a webinar and why should I attend.

A well-made webinar benefits attendees just as much as attending an in-person workshop or training. There are many tools for you to use to create an interactive, engaging and beneficial experience. 

New research from Thomas J. Fudge’s at University of Oxford found that face-to-face interaction is essential for truly authentic relationships. “There is something paramount about face-to-face interactions that is crucial for maintaining friendships. Seeing the white of their eyes from time to time seems to be crucial to the way we maintain friendships,” explained Sue Fudge, Director at Thomas J. Fudge’s