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From our President

We know it is a difficult time for cooperatives and many were looking forward and need the classes from the conference. We are starting up a series of classes as over the internet starting on May 30 with New Board Members and continuing each month.

Evaluating your Cooperative Board
Class Now July 18

Free online webinar classes

Click on class description to go to web page with more detailed info for the webinar. 

On the portal to cooperative housing information web page I have over 250 books, fliers and information on cooperatives for free, I went on the web for 2 weeks searching and downloaded all of stuff that was available and put it in one location on MAHC web site.

Local Classes this Fall

In the late fall early spring when it is safe we are going have our MAHC Board Members reach out to the states and work with the cooperatives to teach a selection of local classes. These will be small classes taught by MAHC Board Members or state vice presidents living in the area. The classes may include

New Board Members,
Knowing Your documents,
Team Building,
Cooperative Committee Charges,
Emergency Preparedness,
Effective Board Meetings, etc.

This selection represents a limited number of topics taken from our core class list, which will be expanded in the coming year.

The classes will be offered at no charge to the co-ops. We are all working our way through some difficult times. MAHC is a nonprofit with the specific mission of providing cooperative education and advocating for cooperative housing. The MAHC Annual Conferences have long been the cooperative housing educational events of the year.

We cannot allow the cancellation of the Denver conference to create a two-year long delay in the education of the cooperative membership.

Some of the classes we are working on

Fair Housing,
Long Range Planning,
News letter for newbies

MAHC 2021 Annual Conference - June 27 -July 1, 2021

MAHC Annual Conference will be in New Orleans on June 27 - July 1 2021 HILTON NEW ORLEANS RIVERSIDE gives travelers easy access to the best of the New Orleans . Ideally located above an outlet mall right across the street from the casino and the trolley stops right out side the front door.


Class locations will be worked out as soon as we can. We have request from IN, IL, MI, MO, KS

MAHC 2022 Annual Conference - May 20 - 24 , 2022

MAHC Annual Conference will be in Denver on May 20 to 24 2022 at Sheraton Downtown Denver gives travelers easy access to the down town and the 13th street mall.