Send your information for a Home Town Hero to MAHC 

Home town Hero

There are people stepping up all over our community to support and serve others during these difficult times and we want to know their names!

The words “community” and “hero” are powerful in their own right, bringing to mind common bonds, shared fates, courage, strength and self-sacrifice.

Bring the words together—“community hero”—and the expression takes on greater meaning. Community heroes are those individuals who offer their courage, strength and self-sacrifice in the service of a neighborhood, benefiting people who may never know them by name.

The community heroes honored here are as diverse as the communities they represent. They are mothers, fathers, church deacons, Islamic believers, coaches, cheerleaders, facilitators, planners, thinkers and above all, doers.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and we’re here to recognize them. Most of them don’t wear a cape or uniform, but all have one thing in common…they are making our community a better place.

I know a lot of things good have happened because of the community stepping up.   We need to bring them forward and tell everyone about them.  I know I seen it at my cooperative , people checking up on seniors,  some bring food families. 

Some have shoveled snow to the main sidewalk .and some stepped forward to help pay carrying charges or picking up groceries for others.  I know of one cooperative a man saw a child outside playing when it was very cold.  He hopped into his car and came back with 2 coats for him and his brother.   

MAHC and NCB are putting out a call for nominations of ordinary people who have going above and beyond to help support and uplift there communities during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The awards will be given to an individuals who has had a significant impact on their community whose efforts have been vital in improving the lives and well-being of their neighbors and made their community a happier, cleaner, and/or safer place to live.

We will honor them at our opening session so we can give the time needed to honor them.  Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond to uplift and support their friends, family, neighbors or community

Who’s making a difference in your life?

I bet if we all went out and looked we can find over a thousand.