It’s not often that you meet people that leave a lasting, profound effect on your life. It is certain that we all are impacted by people that are driven with a purpose to make a change. People that have a desire and willingness to serve for all the right reasons have a lasting effect on each of us.

MAHC honors the contributions of members through a number of awards given annually.  We give out awards to some of the many deserving people who work above and beyond the call of duty to lead Cooperatives now and in the Future.   Let us remember their legacy as we remember their outstanding  service to the Cooperative Community. 

The The Midwest Association of Housing cooperative Association
announces the acceptance of nominations.

MAHC is proud of the many contributions its men and women have made on behalf of the Cooperative way.  We encourage you to help us recognize those members who deserve to be thanked by nominating them for an appropriate award.


You as nominator obviously believe that your candidate is worthy to receive the particular award for which you are nominating him/her. Therefore it is up to you, through the quality of your documentation, to assist the Awards Committee, in viewing the achievements of your candidate as you do.   The importance of the quality of the nomination itself,  cannot be overemphasized. The nomination and endorsements should be as specific, accurate, and complete as possible. It is imperative that the true merits of your candidate be conveyed through this information. Keep in mind that in some cases those involved in the selection process may have no personal knowledge of the candidate and rely heavily on the documentation for the information they need to make reasonable judgments.

Candidate Eligibility:

Any person may be nominated for an MAHC honor, with the following exceptions:
*  Self nominations
*  A recipient will only receive one honor in recognition of the same body of work.

How to Nominate

You can submit a letter or email to the MAHC office.  All nominations must be received by the end of the day July 9th   Email address is 

MAHC Awards

C. March Miller II Award

Awarded By The President Of MAHC For Outstanding Service By A MAHC Board Member


A Morley Presidents Gavel Award

Awarded To An Outstanding Cooperative Board President Nominated By The Co-op Members Or The Co-op Board Of Directors

Executive Directors Award

Award For Outstanding Service To MAHC By A Person Or Organization Other Than A Member Of MAHC’s Board Of Directors

Dr Herman E Curtis Co-oper of the Year Award

Awarded To A Co-oper For Outstanding Service To Their Home Co-op. Nominated By The Board Or Members Of The Co-op

Almeda Ritter Award

Awarded for devotion and contributions to the Cooperative Housing Community

Cooperative Leap of Faith Award

Displaying the confident belief and trust in the housing cooperative concept and assisting cooperatives in attaining their goals today and in the future

Bill Magee Spirit Award

Award for promoting and consistently displaying dedication and commitment to the preservation of the cooperative housing movement

Leadership Award

Award for promoting and consistently displaying dedication and commitment to the preservation of the cooperative housing movement