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Starts May 30, 2020 

Annual Conference August 2 - 5, 2020

Notice of Cancellation: MAHC Annual Conference in Denver, August 2-5, 2020.

We are devastated to share this news with you:  the 2020 MAHC Annual Conference in Denver in August 2-5 has been canceled. This is the first time in 57 years that MAHC’s main event will not take place. MAHC leadership is now working through the ramifications of this unprecedented situation.

We are trying today to take the best decision for MAHC members, to whom we are so thankful for the support they have already been shown. Quite rightly, many of you see yourselves as friends and members of the extended MAHC family. This is precisely why we have thought so long and hard over the past few days about the right path to take moving forward.

The decision to cancel the conference was not taken lightly:  two overriding concerns caused us to take this decision at this time.

First, the increased and overwhelming concerns about the COVID-19 virus. While it’s impossible to take anything but an informed guess at outlook over the next few months, it appears that North Americans can expect to continue the social distancing protocol over that time span.

  • Numerous reports and computer modeling indicate that we may see multiple waves of the COVID-19 pandemic over the coming months.
  • Self-isolation won’t stop the disease, but it will reduce strain on medical resources, allowing doctors to save more lives.
  • Scientists and doctors around the world are working on a vaccine, but more than likely that is at least a year away.
  • We will have to get used to social distancing over the next 1 to 2 years.

The director general of the World Health Organization warns of the risks of returning to lockdown if countries emerging from pandemic restrictions do not manage transitions “extremely carefully and in a phased approach” preparedness.

Second, our primary concern is always the responsibility we feel towards our members and ensuring the safety and security of our community.

Right now, the most important thing all of us can do is focus our attention on helping people with the new challenges we all face. Please know that we remain committed to helping you and your community through local classes and support. 

MAHC Members, all members who have purchased registration will receive a full refund of registration fees. See below. 

Conference registration fees

You will have 2 options.

1) We can send the cooperative a certificate for a conference sometime in the future. Any of your board members in the future can use it. (Note due to the extra cost of the conference for the breakfast and buffet lunches we will have to increase our conference fee $50 next year.) With the certificate you will not have to pay the extra $50. – this option helps MAHC spread our loss over 2 years and is our preferred alternative.

2) We will give you a full refund and wave the $100 service fee (This year only) We must have your request in writing or by email

Extra Classes (CCS and New Board Member)

We will send out certificates for those who have paid the class fees for a future class. The certificates will be in the cooperatives name so any one can use them just in case they get different Board members. 


We will be sending the cooperative a check to refund the fees paid for the tour.

Once again, we thank the whole industry for the support that has been shown to us. We are here to support others in the cooperative community as we all work through these difficult times.

We want to do a special shout out to our conference sponsors. It’s these individuals and companies that have gone above and beyond. They are walking the walk to support the cooperative community. They are true LEADERS and need to be recognized for their devotion to our cooperative community.

MAHC will also be working hard to deliver a successful 2021 conference in New Orleans (June 27 – July 1, 2021). We hope that you will join us then to celebrate our great Cooperative Community.

Richard Berendson