Town Square Cooperative

1071 Chene

Detroit, MI 48207

About the property


Welcome to our website. Town Square Cooperative, Incorporated is located approximately one mile from the center of downtown Detroit. In addition to its premium location, the cooperation affords its residents the unique quality of home ownership without assuming all of the responsibilities of home maintenance.

Town Square Cooperative, Inc. Is a 22 acre, 189-unit market rate residential housing development jointly owned and operated by its members. Each member owns a certificate in the corporation, giving them the right to occupy a unit and participate in the operations of the corporation. The cooperative housing corporation owns the total property and is managed by a property management company hired by the Board of Directors.

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about us

Town Square Cooperative is a secure, attractive, and diverse urban oasis that is committed to creating an affordable, harmonious and respectful society. Our community is efficiently managed, well maintained and respectful of the environment.


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