Cooperative Housing Handbook

While the literature of housing cooperatives seems to be built around the description of the housing cooperative itself, MAHC feels that this form of home ownership should also tell us about the practical and day-to-day functions of the housing cooperative and what effect it will have on the board director. We hope this revised edition will provide the information needed to develop the maximum efficiency to build a viable cooperative community

Serving on the Board -

 New Board Member  – training manual, and the course it accompanies, are designed for one purpose only: to give the new, or prospective, Board member an overall framework for understanding their role by its nature and tint constraints, it is not intended as a substitute for the many specialized “nuts and bolts” seminars and training workshops offered by the Midwest Association and other cooperative organizations

Membership Orientation

– Making People Into Co-oper’s
Orientation is the important process of introducing newly accepted members to cooperative living. All applicants who are approved for occupancy should have the benefit of an orientation session. This will familiarize them with co-op life so they will feel like they are a part of the community and contribute to its success by being good members.

Skills Booklets

Skills Booklets
Different skills books – call for more details

Parliamentary Procedures Cards

Parliamentary Procedures skills quick use card.  

Video - How to have an effective board meeting

Parliamentary Procedures skills quick use card.  

Rich's Training CD for Cooperatives

Collection of training manuals, Promotional materials, Handbooks and Much Much More. The material include the following Board Training Manual, Coop Committee Charges, Cooperative History, Cooperative Management Agreement, Cooperative Review, Cooperative Advantage, Cumberland Green Cooperative Web Page, Facilitating Small Groups, How To Deal With Difficult People , Newsletters For Newbie’s Orientation Handout, Promoting Your Cooperative, Web Page Design And Hosting, MAHC Web Site, Web Sites For Cooperatives