Blaine Honeycutt, President. Formerly known as the vice-president, Honeycutt is now acting as MAHC’s board President.

Blaine is looking forward to continuing to grow with MAHC and work to make sure that we are expanding, gaining members, and offering the best educational experiences that we can.

As president he is going to make sure to involved in all aspects of the day-to-day, more than he already was! He is already taking charge and figuring out what the next steps are in working towards next year and beyond.

Karen Mitchell is the Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives new Vice-President. Read her article in the newsletter!


The passing of Marlene has been hard on many hearts. She was an extremely valued and loved member of the cooperative community and she was at the very core of MAHC. We know that she touched many lives and that she lived to make sure that education reached each and every person who needed it.

Despite all the training and resources available out there, it still never ceases to amaze me how difficult it can be for some Board Members to follow their fiduciary duty to keep things quiet and confidential. As the old adage goes: ‘loose lips sink ships.’ I can tell you first hand that nothing can kibosh a lawsuit quicker than when a director violates their duty and talks out of school.

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A few notes on how to handle a tough situation and remember that hard times don’t last. When people work together anything can be done.



The mile high city is just 6 months away, time to start making plans.

Meet one of our newest professional members, Lument! This newsletter contains a profile of Chad P. Musgrove from Lument.

Let’s celebrate the everyday hero! They might be your neighbor or they might be your own family.

MAHC Board Member Mike Reading tells his story from New Orleans. 

How to use SWOT!

Meet Monte Huston, MAHC’s new Treasurer.

Mortgage interest rates are at a historically low point when compared to the last 50 years. This situation has come about because the Federal Reserve has attempted to flood the market with liquidity to counter the slowdown in the US economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As everyone is aware, unemployment sky-rocketed last year and it was, and still is, imperative that our government do whatever is necessary to keep the gears of our economy going as much as possible given the headwinds we are all facing as a nation.

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On September 15, 2021, it was reported that a Florida landlord is requiring all tenants to show proof of corona-virus vaccination in order to lease an apartment or renew an existing lease. Recently, the White House mandated vaccination for private corporations with at least 100 employees as well as all federal employees, federal contractors and health workers at Medicaid and Medicare funded facilities. But a lingering question remains as to whether such a mandate could be required of housing cooperative members and residents.

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