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2017 October

Meet Annette Dukes

A Meeting With MAHC Office Manager, Annette Dukes

Dear Co-op Counselor; HELP!

We just discovered that our site manager was embezzling money. What should we do?

2017 MAHC Award Winners

Certified Cooperative Director Class Certificate Earners

The Gentle Art of Persuasion

Always maintain your professional face. Your personal face is ego on your sleeve, your expression of irritation, anger, and bias

Board Nominations

They Don’t Have to be Scary

2017 June

A Message from the President

Democracy In Acon

2017 MAHC Award Winners

MAHC honors the Leader of the cooperative.

Conference WrapUp: North Park Cooperative

By Shirley A. Berger President, North Park Cooperative

Update on Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act

Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA) was amended by the passage of three new bills in December 2016

Dear Co-op Counselor; HELP! Disclaimer

Can the Board remove a fellow Officer or Director?

2017 April

People You Should Know—Thomas Hutch

Thomas Hutch saw the value of cooperatives early in life.

North Park Cooperative’s First MAHC Conference

by Shirley Berger, President North Park Cooperative

Colonial Village Town Houses— Growing Colonial 4

Its “Growing Colonial” Tree Planting Project

Update on CCD and CCM Training

it is imperative that you know that the way you continue to hold your certification has changed.

2017 MAHC Conference Details

54th ANNUAL CONFERENCE May 21-May 24, 2017


CCD Training at Parade Park Homes

MAHC at Work Training Co-Op Leaders for the Future

Co-op Counselor

what kinds of animals are permissible, and, if I can even have a pet at my Cooperative

A Letter From Our President

Spring is also a time to think about expanding our minds though our Cooperative Education.

VAWA and Cooperatives

Violence Against Women Act & Cooperatives

Roberts Rules Cooperative Dos & Don’ts.

How should a chair handle debate in a meeting?