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April 2021

We are so excited to see you in New Orleans this August. If this is your first conference, dont be nervous! We have a new boolet for just that very thing, first time conference attendees. The booklet coveres what you’ll be able to expect, what you should bring, and how you can make the most out of your time there. Need a quick 25-page introduction to co-op living? The new Cooperative Handbook is a clear, concise, and easy to understand introduction to the principals of cooperative living. New and prospective co-op members can learn the benefits of cooperative housing. This is a great place to start for new cooperative members

The bottom line is that members have control of their own housing, not a landlord. These benefits also carry responsibilities. Members have a duty to understand the decision-making processes of the community. The handbook explains the HOW and the WHY of cooperative living.

This is the perfect book to hand out during orientation. Many times, during orientation people can become overwhelmed with information, this book is easy to read and help members understand Cooperative housing after they leave the training. A copy was sent to each cooperative member with your membership packet.

The new “REAL ID” is an act that has been put into place to ensure the security and accuracy of your
ID. The ID is marked with a yellow star on the card to verify that it is REAL ID compliant. While the law
officially goes into place October 1st, 2021, it is recommended that you have one as soon as you
can to make domestic travel and the entering of federal building more efficient and simpler.

Why is cooperative housing Board of Directors training important?
Co-op members are shareholders who annually elect their Board of Directors to oversee and protect their investment. This is a major entrustment of membership resources and faith. The training of Board members is an investment in a multi-million dollar corporation, and members have a fiduciary duty to protect that investment.  Boards of Directors and co-op members must keep up with recent
trends in cooperative law, finance, and operations. Learning about these issues in advance prevents problems which could eventually increase exposure to lawsuits and other problems. Training is a form of insurance to prevent problems before they happen, rather than after.

There are people stepping up all over our community to support and serve others during these difficult times and we want to know there names .  

MAHC and NCB are putting out a call for nominations of ordinary people who are going above and beyond to help support and uplift there communities during the Coronavirus pandemic.

 We will honor them at our opening session so we can give the time needed to honor them.  Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond to uplift and support their family, friends,  neighbors  or community? 

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic in March, we all have had to deal with special circumstances affecting cooperative management. As property managers, we have had to develop new capabilities and rules of engagement to continue to serve our clients, customers, members, and our properties. The question is how to adapt to unprecedented circumstances and still “get the work done”!

Hello! My name is Cindy London-Allen and I am the new Marketing Coordinator for the Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives. I am very excited to start my career here, with MAHC. I have a BFA in Graphic Design from Western Michigan University. I am an outgoing, fun-loving, detail-oriented, worker. I believe that I can do a lot of good for MAHC and I cannot wait to see where this career takes me.

A family-oriented community with over half a century of success, Noble Square Cooperative is nestled on a near 30-acre plot of land lined with mature trees, spacious grassy areas and outstanding views, this community this village is less than 2.5 miles from the heart of downtown Chicago.  Like all of us, the last year for Noble Square Cooperative has been a challenging one. But as they always have #TEAMNOBLE found ways to navigate the circumstances and persevere.

At Maris Brown, we are committed to providing a wide range of insurance needs for both personal
and commercial accounts. Some of our products include: Business, Auto, Home, Life, Crop, Farm. If
you would like to set up a comprehensive review of your policies, please call our office and we will gladly set up an appointment.

The first residents moved to Park Forest in late August 1948.The tenants were a young couple with small children and a new baby. And like most of Park Forest’s early residents, the husbands were World War II  veterans. For many of these veterans, the jobs obtained as a civilian would be their first job. Some would be attending college using the GI Bill, and as life was in this era most wives stayed home to raise the children. Money was tight. The rents in GI Town were $75.00 to $99.00 per month for the veterans and their families. During the war multiple families lived together in single dwelling homes. So, as the veterans returned home, and wanting to start their own lives with their own families, many of them moved into Park Forest. The town was built for the veterans.

Incorporated in 1971, Marcus Management, Inc. is a family owned and operated company specializing in property management of housing communities consisting of, but not limited to, Cooperatives, Condominiums, and Homeowners Associations. Founder, Al Marcus, was a pioneer in the early years of cooperative housing in Michigan. Al served on the charter MAHC Board of Directors and was very involved in organizing and promoting the cooperative housing movement. Al served as one of the first Board of Directors of London Townhouses Cooperative located in Westland, Michigan right after its original  construction in 1964. London Townhouses was one of the first cooperative housing communities in Michigan. In 1968, Al started his own property management company and later incorporated Marcus Management, Inc. in 1971.

Mapping the Website:
Here are a couple of tips on how to jump-start your cooperative housing pre-conference self-education

FIRST ONSITE has what you need, when you need it, to help you prepa re for emergencies
and manage through restoration and recovery processes of all ki nds. With comprehensive
capabilities and unmatched customer service , we strive to be the only partner you’ll ever
need. Together, we’ll help you Restore, Rebuild, and Rise.

Our coop did not have its 2020 annual meeting and election of Directors. We were supposed to have voted to fill two seats last year but instead, those Directors continued to serve for an additional year even though all of  our Director seats are three-year terms per our Bylaws. Now it is time for our annual election in 2021 and there will be another seat open for election this year. Can we just skip the 2020 annual meeting and election and just run all three seats in 2021 for three-year terms and
just skip the 2020 annual meeting since we are already in 2021?

Among those horrifying things cooperative attorneys at our office hear about are Board members who still do not get it! Did you know that there is such a thing as a “Fair Housing Tester?” Did you also know that these Testers are paid employees and that they are paid to contact your cooperative to see if your Board members and Management Staff are ensuring an equal opportunity to housing for all persons in protected classes? Can you even name all of the protected classes?