Fliers, Books and Information

I have spent several day on the internet to down load forms, books and information that is available for Cooperatives.    I have made them available here for you so you can find more information easily.  The information is not edited or changed from how I received them and kept the information to credit the person who made them.  

The Board represents the member, making business decisions in the interest of the members The Board acts as the custodian of the cooperatives assets to safe guard the cooperative for the future. 

A cooperative board provides accountable leadership by setting strategic direction to ensure it runs efficiently and effective controls in line with the coop values and principles.

The board provide effective accountable leadership to protects the coop assets and is held accountable for the coops performance and promote the growth and development of the coop by encouraging members to actively participate in the coop. 

Our library of more than 150 co-op publications – many of which are available in hard copy, as well as online – range from basic co-op primers, such as “Co-ops 101,” to in-depth reports on technical topics.

The network for Britain’s thousands of co-operative businesses, Co-operatives UK works to promote, develop and unite member-owned business worth £36 billion to the British economy

By understanding the financial documents, the board will be better able to understand the  accounting system for their cooperative,  and make prudent business decisions based on the financial reports.

Good governance supports the board of the
co-operative in its task of creating and maintaining a strong and sustainable business that meets the needs of its members.

Creating handouts can very easily depict lots of information and can also enhance remembrance since the audience is using the handouts as reference material

Let us give thanks for those who came before us, whose shoulders we stand upon today, whose footprints we walk in.

The contents of this should not be relied on as legal advice.  Some of this information could become outdated, and laws vary from place-to-place.

Business management is the process of getting things done by and through others.

A cooperative is a business owned and controlled by people using its services.

In cooperatives, people come together to address constraints or  opportunities that they cannot address on their own,

Strategic planning is a step by- step determination of where you are, where you want to go, how you wish to get there, when you want to arrive, who will do the work, and how much you are willing to pay.

Journals focus on a specific discipline or field of study and are intended for an academic or technical audience, not general readers.

In cooperatives, there are many different types like credit union, manufacturers, farmers, hardware stores