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Fire Losses: What the Best Companies are Doing in Disaster Recovery

To help you understand the value of preplanning for losses, we’ve put together a few quick examples of how companies that plan ahead benefit from their efforts and accelerate their recovery.

Submitted By Interstate 

Fire Losses: The Biggest Fails in Disaster Recovery

Unless you’ve been through a fire loss, it’s hard to appreciate how quickly different types of seemingly random issues can complicate the recovery and rebuilding process. To help you understand the value of preplanning for losses, we’ve put together a few quick examples of the kinds of things that go wrong when companies fail to plan.

Submitted By Interstate 

5 Critical Actions to Take Before the Storm

No matter how prepared, Mother Nature’s ability to bring on the element of “surprise” should not be taken lightly. We’ve compiled our top 15 tips to assist you with last minute preparations before a natural disaster strikes.

Submitted By Interstate 

Guide to Protecting and Saving Invaluable Paper Resources

The complimentary Quick Guide to Recovering Damaged Paper Documents and Books explains how to prepare for and respond to water damage and other emergencies.

Submitted By Interstate 

A Quick Guide to Fire Damage

Fire Damage Guide: Download this complimentary “how-to” guide that will help you understand some of the types of issues you may have to deal with after a fire—and what to do to be prepared for the difficult circumstances.

Submitted By Interstate 

A Quick Guide to Water Damage

Whether excess water arises from a broken water line, weather-related flooding, a drain backup or another cause, water in your building can cause serious problems.

Submitted By Interstate 

Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery planning is important not only to protect employees and building guests during an event, but for ensuring a rapid recovery once the worst is over. The disaster recovery experts at Interstate Restoration have developed a Jump Start Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to help get you on the right path to disaster readiness.

Submitted By Interstate 

Know Your Legal Documents

Directors owe it to themselves and their members to review co-op by-laws and agreements as often as necessary to be sure they understand them.  Though the documents do not necessarily address themselves to every question that might arise, they do spell out the rights of the board and the membership.  Patience and careful study of the articles of incorporation, by-laws, regulatory, occupancy, and subscription agreements give the board a clear understanding of what it can and cannot legally do.  The co-op’s reading matter– they do contain a fair amount of “legalese”– but their wording is relatively straightforward, and they hold a great deal of important information.  If, despite its efforts, the board does not feel secure in its understanding of every aspect of the documents, it can and should ask for help from its co-op attorney.  The board must understand these documents, for they are the basis of its authority

Submitted By Richard Berendson 


Introduction to mahc

An association who has received national recognition for it’s programs for training
people to dedicate their skills to the cooperatives they live in. Concerned with the whole cooperative community and the housing cooperative member; it is not controlled by professional members contributing services to the betterment of cooperative housing.

An active association who offers annual educational conferences, periodic regional
workshops, and special seminars, as well as individual training. A strong network of experienced housing cooperators responding on short notice to all requests for assistance and/or information about housing cooperatives.

A resource center for Skills Development Courses like: Financial Management,
Understanding Management Contracts, Board and Management Evaluation,
Member Selection, Orientation, Team Building, Serving on the Board, and
Parliamentary Procedure.

History and information about MAHC

Cooperative Dictionary

The Cooperative Dictionary is a good reference source because it helps us understand what someone might mean when they use a word.     This is a collection of words used in the cooperative industry it is arranged alphabetically which include information on definitions.

Submitted By Richard Berendson 



This is a manual I put together to train new board members on the History of Housing Cooperatives,  Organizational Structure of Co-ops,  Financial, Legal, and Ethical Responsibilities of the Board Member Participation in Co-op Operations

Submitted By Richard Berendson

Cooperative Training Information

This is a collection of articles, class material and information I have collected from the internet and other sources. I was taught at the many conferences I attended to take the material I learn and share it with the rest of my board and other board members. This information is the property of the people who wrote it and I have requested permission when possible to use it here for training purposes. I have tried when known to give the author of the information’s name.  See the resource pages and the permissions page for more information.

Submitted by Rich Berendson,  

Committee Charges

Committee members play a supportive role to the board by doing research, gathering information, tabulating data, making comparisons, determining cost options, and presenting recommendations to the Board.  Committees contribute to productive board meetings and facilitate the co-op’s orderly operation.

Submitted By Richard Berendson



Code of Governance

Governance is the task of defining the goals and standards of an organization and ensuring that there are effective management and other structures that will enable the organization to achieve those goals and standards.

From Confederation of Co-operative housing web site.

Distaster Plan

Every cooperative, regardless of its size, should have an emergency disaster plan which addresses that property’s needs. It is the road map by which the membership responds to the crisis, both during and after the specific event. The property manager’s responsibility is two-fold. First, to protect the lives of the occupants, and secondly, to protect the investment of the membership.

The time to plan for any type of disaster is not after it has occurred, but in anticipation of an occurrence at some future date. It is written with the intention that it will never be implemented. However, the planning will sensitize the participants to address the issues that can be anticipated

Repaired By Richard Berendson 
For Cumberland Green Cooperative



Emergency Plan Handbook

In the time of a disaster, whether man made or natural in origin, technological or an act of terrorism, many of us are not prepared to meet our most basic needs. In this guide are suggestions you may want to use to help prepare yourself and your neighborhood or community in the event of an emergency or disaster.

prepared By Richard Berendson 
For Cumberland Green Cooperative

Emergency Responce Handbook

Handbook given out to each Cumberland green members to put in their unit to be prepared on how to handle different emergencies.   What phone numbers to call for each different situation.  Location of the different safe zones on our property including our heating and cooling centers

prepared By Richard Berendson 
For Cumberland Green Cooperative


Advantage Report

Sample Promotional hand out to attract new members.
Submitted by Rich Berendson, Cumberland Green

Long Range Planning Forms

Form to set up your lang range plane
Submitted by Tailor Made Property Services

Request for Proposal - Auditor

This is the request for proposal that i have put together for our board.
use it as a sample to writing your own RFP.
Submitted by Rich Berendson, Cumberland Green

Request for Proposal - Management Company

This is the request for proposal that i have put together for our board.  use it as a sample to writing your own RFP.

Submitted by Rich Berendson,
Cumberland Green

Request for Proposal - Legal

Submitted by Randall Pentiuk ,

Reasonable Accommodations Samples and Log

Submitted by Tailor Made Property Services

Simplified Chart of Parliamentary Motions

This is a copy of the parliamentary motions card given out by MAHC

Submitted BY Richard Berendson

Shopping and Marketing Form

Form to shop and market your cooperative

Submitted by Tailor Made Property Services

Web sites for cooperative information

This is a word document with links to useful web sites for cooperatives
Submitted by Richard Berendson 
MS Word

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