Certified Cooperative Specialist

Now we present a total revised and updated manual, just finished in December of 2018, which has some of the same material but updat-ed and rewritten, some material removed, and new material added. The manual, the power point slides, the test and the instructor manual including a small property prototype manual have all been added, updated, and reworked to keep it exciting, dynamic, and pertinent with new things and new ways to do things.


Information Sharing

We have a duty as cooperatives to pass on knowledge to our fellow members and our future members

Portal Cooperative Information

MAHC has become a clearinghouse and exchange for information about cooperative housing and cooperatives in general.

Videos, Books for Purchase

The cooperative housing hand book and other useful items for cooperative members

What is a Cooperative

A cooperative is a group of people working together in a joint economic activity that is owned and operated by its members for their mutual benefit.


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Brochures & Forms

Current MAHC forms and Brochures for easy reference


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Most frequent questions and answers for Housing Cooperatives