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Portal to Cooperative Housing Information

Information Sharing

This part of our web site is devoted to sharing information.  Files included for download for you use and can be modified as needed.  Files include manuals, forms, and guides to help the cooperatives.

Every cooperative, regardless of its size, should have an emergency disaster plan which addresses that property's needs. It is the road map by which the membership responds to the crisis, both during and after the specific event. The property manager's responsibility is two-fold. First, to protect the lives of the occupants, and secondly, to protect the investment of the membership.

This is the request for proposal that i have put together for our board. use it as a sample to writing your own RFP.

In the time of a disaster, whether man made or natural in origin, technological or an act of terrorism, many of us are not prepared to meet our most basic needs. In this guide are suggestions you may want to use to help prepare yourself and your neighborhood or community in the event of an emergency or disaster.

This is the request for proposal that i have put together for our board. use it as a sample to writing your own RFP.

Committee members play a supportive role to the board by doing research, gathering information, tabulating data, making comparisons, determining cost options, and presenting recommendations to the Board. Committees contribute to productive board meetings and facilitate the co-op’s orderly operation

This is the request for proposal that i have put together for our board. use it as a sample to writing your own RFP.

Form to set up your lang range plane

This is a copy of the Reasonable Accommodations sample form given out by MAHC

This is a copy of the parliamentary motions card given out by MAHC

Form to shop and market your cooperative

Benifits of MAHC

Information Sharing

Our website at has been built
into a vast internet library of cooperative information. A good library can be a great teacher. In that spirit, we have made available the direct down¬load of MAHC documents and teaching materials.

Coop Information portal

The portal features 15+ subsections of cooperative housing information, each one leading to additional multiple links to research, articles, books, topics, and websites.  Many other resources are available,
including training books, sample forms, and DVDs, as well as MAHC informational brochures and flyers

Certified Classes

This course is designed for managers and assistant managers of Cooperative Housing. Topics covered include fair housing, ethics, legal structure of cooperatives, policy making, decision making, financial integrity, and battling renter mentality in today’s cooperatives


The quarterly newsletter provides timely informative articles from
the “how to” of problem solving, to analysis of new legislation. Also includes
information regarding upcoming events and answers to member’s questions.


Skill development workshops have been designed by MAHC, with the assistance of others including the Organization of Applied Science in Society. These one and two day seminars provide comprehensive coverage
of topics including Membership Selection,


MAHC responds to inquiries from individuals seeking to move into a housing cooperative by providing a list of our members in the identified area. Our conferences are attended by cooperators throughout the country, and
provide an opportunity to meet and learn from fellow cooperators as well as
noted professionals.


A quick telephone call to the MAHC office can save you hours of research time. Our staff and volunteers are able to answer questions regarding specific cooperative issues or to refer you to the proper source for accurate information.


MAHC now represents 29,250 member units nationwide. This means that we represent 89,742 people living in cooperatives. In 2020 MAHC will work to provide improved education, training and services to all our members.


MAHC board members, professional advisors, and staff are available to deliver training, mediate board disputes, and to provide consulting services on a variety of cooperative matters.

Online Training Webinars

MAHC initiated a series of online webinars presenting the fundamental knowledge necessary for cooperative board members. Election to a cooperative board is a personal commitment to serve the community that calls upon the best part of ourselves. Voluntary service is the part of us that believes we
must always try to make a difference. Board members must strive to advance their level of cooperative education and training to become difference makers in the community


Our website at has been built
into a vast internet library of cooperative information. A good library can be a great teacher. In that spirit, we have made available the direct download of MAHC documents and teaching materials. We want to bring special attention to the eff ort by MAHC to become a clearinghouse and exchange for information about cooperative housing and cooperatives in general.

Co-Op Housing Handbook

MAHC publishes the Cooperative Housing Handbook (frequently referred to as the “Co-op Bible”) This handbook is a must for all those involved in the production, governance, management, or routine operations of a housing cooperative.

Annual Conference

Our Annual conference provides an opportunity for our member cooperatives to attend classes on a variety of subjects, and to network with housing cooperators from other areas.
Our Annual Conference is held in fun filled locations that allow our attendees to relax after a day of intensive class participation. Our annual confer-ence is the “go-to” cooperative housing education-al and networking event.

On going Training Durring Covid 19

Our member cooperatives have received continuing support from MAHC through several venues. The MAHC website has offered training in the use of new communication and conferencing technologies, including the ZOOM platform.

Free Training Books

MAHC offers a wealth of cooperative housing information for free online. In our information sharing web page we have some free manuals available for our members. The manual includes New Board Training, Common Equity and a Cooperative Dictionary of important terms.

Cooperative Dictionary


A Cooperative dictionary is a reference book about words and as such it describes the functioning of individual words (sometimes called lexical items). It does so by listing these words in alphabetical order in the form of headwords, the words listed as entries in the dictionary.


Communications Class Book


. It is to teach you some techniques as to why these items are the most effective communication aids. These aids will keep everyone aware of what the special interests or current trends in the field of cooperative housing are. And how interpretation and predictions keep cooperative housing members well informed and tied together in communication skills.

Learning your coop documents



Directors owe it to themselves and their members to review co-op by-laws and agreements as often as necessary to be sure they understand them. Though the documents do not necessarily address themselves to every question that might arise, they do spell out the rights of the board and the membership. 

New Board Member Class


The New Board Training class discusses the history and organization of housing cooperatives; as well as the financial, legal, and ethical responsibilities of board members. This class serves as an intro-duction to the many responsibilities faced by new board members.


Team Building class


Understanding Team life becomes essential in the promoting of the effective organization. Much of the work of modern organizations must take place in teams, as individuals lack the resources to handle alone many of the problems that are encountered.

Management Contract class


Boards of directors consist of unpaid volunteers; they seldom include individuals who possess highly developed contract-negotiating skills. Even if the directors are aware of their responsibilities in this regard, they may feel hesitant and ill-equipped when it comes to hammering out a contract with a professional manager. The resulting contract often does not reflect the true needs of the cooperative

Effective board meeting Class


If the sense of wasted time and lack of accomplishment have ever frustrated you at your board meetings, you aren’t alone.  Meetings are a powerful tool that are widely misunderstood. Like many professionals, I have read and enjoyed many Dilbert comics that point out the pain and frustration of poorly run meetings. In fact, I’ve been in my share of disappointment meetings.

Membership Orientation Class


Orientation is the important process of introducing newly accepted members to cooperative living. All applicants who are approved for occupancy should have the benefit of an orientation session. This will familiarize them with co-op life so they will feel like they are a part of the community and contribute to its success by being good members.