MAHC has been recognized as one of the Nation’s leaders in training, education, and support services for Housing Cooperatives

Midwest Association of Housing Cooperative Board of Director


Richard Berendson
MAHC Board – 18 Year (2020)
Cumberland Green Cooperative
St Charles, IL

Vice President

Blaine Honeycutt
MAHC Board – 18 Year (2022)
Georgetown Cooperative
Taylor, MI


Cyndy Phillips
MAHC Board – 22 Years (2021)
Oakdale Residents Cooperative
Ferndale, MI

Vice President - Illinois Treasurer

MAHC Board – 3 year (2020)
Noble Square
Chicago, IL

State Vice President - Michigan

Randall Pentiuk
MAHC Board – 22 Years (2020)
Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak, PC
Wyandotte, MI

Vice President - Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio

Karen Mitchell
MAHC Board – 6 Years (2020)
Indianapolis, IN

Vice President - Kansas, MO

Michael E. Reading
MAHC Board – 4 Year (2021)
Pine Tree Townhouses Cooperative
Lawrence, KS 66046

Board Member

Marlene Dau
MAHC Board – 9 Year (2021)
Tailor Made Property Service
Chicago, IL

Board Member

        Nathan R Henderson
       MAHC Board -New Member (2020)
      Colonial Village Cooperative 

Board Member

Valerie Hall
MAHC Board – 2 Year (2021)
Kirkpatrick Management
Mt. Clemens, MI

Board Member

Mark Kennedy
MAHC Board – 2 Year (2021)

Board Member

Leslie LaMarche
MAHC Board – 2 Year (2022)
Colonial Square Town Homes
Kansas City, Missouri

Board Member

Lori Smith
MAHC Board -1 year(2022)
Bloomfield Hills Townhouses
Pontiac, MI 48341

Board Member

Karen Harvey 
MAHC Board -New (2022)
Concord Consumer Housing Cooperative
Brownstown Michigan

Board Member

Board Member
Monte Huston
MAHC Board – New (2022)

MAHC Office Manager

Annette Dukes
Detroit, MI

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