Midwest Association of Housing Cooperative Board of Director


Richard Berendson
MAHC Board – 18 Year (2020)
Cumberland Green Cooperative
St Charles, IL

Vice President

Blaine Honeycutt
MAHC Board – 18 Year (2022)
Georgetown Cooperative
Taylor, MI


Cyndy Phillips
MAHC Board – 24 Years (2021)
Oakdale Residents Cooperative
Ferndale, MI

Vice President - Illinois Treasurer

MAHC Board – 6 year (2020)
Noble Square
Chicago, IL

State Vice President - Michigan

Randall Pentiuk
MAHC Board – 24 Years (2020)
Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak, PC
Wyandotte, MI

Vice President - Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio

Karen Mitchell
MAHC Board – 9 Years (2020)
Indianapolis, IN 

Vice President - Kansas, MO

Michael E. Reading
MAHC Board – 6 Year (2021)
Pine Tree Townhouses Cooperative
Lawrence, KS 66046

Board Member

Marlene Dau
MAHC Board – 17 Year (2021)
Tailor Made Property Service
Chicago, IL

Board Member

        Nathan R Henderson
       MAHC Board -2 years (2020)
      Colonial Village Cooperative 

Board Member

Valerie Hall
MAHC Board – 6 Year (2021)
Kirkpatrick Management
Mt. Clemens, MI

Board Member

Mark Kennedy
MAHC Board – 6 Year (2021)

Board Member

Leslie LaMarche
MAHC Board – 5 Year (2022)
Colonial Square Town Homes
Kansas City, Missouri

Board Member

Lori Smith
MAHC Board -4 year(2022)
Bloomfield Hills Townhouses
Pontiac, MI 48341

Board Member

Karen Harvey 
MAHC Board – 1 year (2022)
Concord Consumer Housing Cooperative
Brownstown Michigan

Board Member

Board Member
Monte Huston
MAHC Board – 3 Years  (2022)

MAHC Office Manager

Annette Dukes
Detroit, MI

Marketing Coordinator

Benjamin Sanders


Detroit, MI

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