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Conference registration

Some Important Information for Registration

When registering you must use an email to register for each person
It must be a working email and you can not use it more than one time.

Everything is referred to your email, you will receive an email after completing the registration confirming your registration and any other important information comes via email to you.  No one will get your email from us. We do not give it out to anyone not even MAHC Board of Directors will have access to it.

If some one is registering you for the conference please check the box on the bottom of the first page of the registration. You can see a sample of it below. This way the person registering you can get a email of your confirmation and can also go back in and make any changes that come up.

First Page

If you are registering more than one person after you enter the first person you will come to the registration summary page. You select add person – see the image below. When you have entered every one select the finished button and then you will go to a registration summary page showing every one you registered to make sure it is correct.

Registration Summary

I hope this helps you.
Thank You for Registering for the MAHC Conference.

If still have problems feel free to call me directly and I will help you.
Richard Berendson

The MAHC Annual Conference is the nation’s best gathering of cooperative housing leaders.