Avon Hills

1400 Drexelgate Pkwy

Rochester Hills, MI 48307-3359


Avon Hills Consumer Housing Cooperative Inc. is a Market Rate Cooperative and is no longer structured as a limited equity form of membership.  The membership sales prices are set by the Seller based on the current market value of the unit they are associated with and are not a set amount established by the Cooperative.  The membership is a cash upfront purchase as members are unable to pledge their certificate as collateral for financing in any way in accordance with the By-Laws.


The purchase of a membership at Avon Hills Consumer Housing Cooperative, Inc. involves the purchase of a share in the corporation rather than actually purchasing an individual unit.  Each purchase agreement is contingent on the prospective purchaser completing the application process and approval for membership.  As part of the equity purchase, members enter into an Occupancy Agreement that grants them the right to occupy a specific unit within the Cooperative.   


If you are a member who would like to post information regarding your membership for sale, please contact the office and we will provide you with a Seller’s Information package as well as post the listing on the on the link below.   


If you are visiting our website and see a membership you are interested in, we encourage you to contact your own Realtor, or the Realtor/Member listed for a showing.  Should you have any questions or concerns about the Cooperative and obtaining a membership, please feel free to email us, or contact the office at 248-652-0800. 

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Benefits of Living in Rochester Hills MI 

Rochester Hills, comprised of 32.2 square miles, is situated in the east central portion of Oakland County with a population of approximately 70,000. The populace is well-educated, interested in community and civic affairs, proud of their homes and the municipality in which they live.

Rochester Hills is a zoned community and has a Master Land Use Plan, which has been implemented for its orderly development. A wide variety of industries, such as computer technology, electronic research, development and manufacturing, plastic injection molding, tool and die, precision machine tool fabrication, structural engineering, warehousing and distribution have chosen Rochester Hills as their corporate headquarters.

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