The Advantage of MAHC

MAHC Advantage

Your location for information for affordable housing and Cooperative Housing. 

Financial Management • Understanding Management Contracts • Evaluating Cooperative Management • Membership Selection and Orientation Identifying and Solving Financial Problems – Communication

On topics of concern to boards of directors: Role and Responsibility of the Board Legal Liability of Directors • Co-op Security Maintenance • Developing Community Services Newsletters • Energy Conservation • Purchasing • Encouraging Participation.

that provide up-to-date coverage of developments of concern to co-ops: news of legal and tax disputes, changes in laws and regulations that affect the way co-ops do business, information about MAHC members and activities, ideas for cooperative action

the latest of which is the comprehensive reference manual, Cooperative Housing.  A Handbook for Effective Operations.


By professional staff and by experienced MAHC Cooperative Assistance Teams, which will, on request, visit any co-op to work with its board and recommend workable solutions to co-op problems.

A Speakers Bureau

That will send experienced MAHC members to talk to any group about the concept and practical realities of co-op housing.


For your co-op. a voice that has, a better chance of being heard when joined with others; MAHC stays in contact with government officials who determine housing policy and the rates your co-op pays for insurance and utilities.

To share your ideas and experiences with directors of many other housing cooperatives, to participate in a valuable information exchange.

We provide an opportunity to show your cooperative to the world through the our web pages.