Midwest Association of Housing Cooperative
Notice of 2020 Annual Meeting

Notice is hereby given that an annual meeting of the Membership of Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives will be held on August 15, 2020 at 2:00 PM EST by electronic meeting of the members of MAHC. 
We mailed out to all of our Cooperative members a notice of the annual meeting.  We included notice of the annual meeting and the remote meeting policy for MAHC.  On our web site we have copies of this information for you to see.  We are also giving a training class at noon that day for anyone who needs help learning Zoom, 

You Must Register by August 1, 2020

Participants must register for electronic meetings by August 1, 2020 for the meeting.  We need you to contact the MAHC office by phone or email with the name and email of the person who will be representing you at the webinar. 

Meeting login information will be distributed to individuals upon registration. AGAIN, PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR PARTICIPANT ID. Each Participant will receive his/her own Participant ID which is unique only to that person.

The Ballot Notice will also contain a separate unique identification user name randomly generated for each participant. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION UNLESS YOU ARE SHARING IT WITH YOUR DESIGNATED PROXY IN WHICH CASE YOU MUST PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION TO HIM/HER IN ADVANCE OF THE MEETING OR AUTHORIZE DISTRIBUTION OF YOUR ACCESS KEY DIRECTLY TO YOUR DESIGNATED PROXY. Do not lose this information or you will not be able to access your ballot.

If you do not expect to be present at the meeting you can complete an Annual Meeting Delegate form to authorize someone to act as your voting delegate at the 2020 Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives Annual Meeting and cast the cooperative’s ballot for all questions brought before the body.

Participants are encouraged to join the meeting on a desktop or laptop computer.  If joining by computer is not possible, a tablet or smart phone may be used, using the free “Zoom” app, available from the device’s app store.

Contact the office or me with any questions you may have.


MAHC  734-955-9516

Richard Berendson
President MAHC