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We engage members through our website. Our website acts like a “member’s hub.” We are now working to update and add more material to the website.  We have contacted our members, both professionals and cooperatives, for new and additional information to best promote them. 

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This is the website for one of the leading cooperative educational associations. MAHC stands for the Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives. We are an educational association that strives to educate cooperative boards and their members so that their housing runs as well as it possibly can. We offer classes on several subjects throughout the year and we hold an Annual Conference that is the cooperative educational event of the year! We hope that this website has everything that you’re looking for, if you still have questions we would love to answer them. Visit the contact page for more information on how to get ahold of the association. 


America’s Home for Cooperative Communities

It’s Called Cooperative Living. You Enjoy Living. And Your Home Cooperates.

As America’s home for cooperative housing communities, MAHC supports and educates existing and emerging cooperative housing communities. During the recent housing and economic downturn due to the coronavirus, we see first-hand the value and resiliency cooperatives offer to individuals and families, regardless of the economic climate.

Like any successful cooperative housing community, MAHC’s solid foundation begins with you: our members and partners. Your commitment, ideas and sense of community contribute to our success and make our work possible.

People like Individual housing cooperatives but what is just as important is the support and guidance from organizations and professionals that provide services to housing cooperatives. Such as: attorneys, property management firms, nonprofit organizations, financial organizations, accountants, government agencies, and consultants. This also includes groups and individuals that develop housing co-ops and other individuals and organizations interested in housing co-ops.

This year, cooperatives large and small will join forces with MAHC to and preserve the cooperative lifestyle through education. Now, more than ever, it is vital to reach out and help one another.

The goal of Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives is to continue to update educational topics that are constantly changing in our industry.

Cooperators seeking detailed information on the
role and responsibilities of boards, finances, governance, history, legal issues, and strategic planning will discover a wealth of available material

Portal to Cooperative Housing Information with over 250 files for cooperative use

MAHC has become a clearinghouse and exchange for information about cooperative housing and cooperatives in general.

There are 15 +subsections of cooperative housing information, each one leading to additional multiple links to research, articles, books, topics, and websites.