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June 6th

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Message from the Prez …….

June 14, 1942– January 24, 2014

My Wish for all of you is that you will go from uninformed to informed, from uneducated to educated, from being led to being the leader. I encourage you to experience all there is to offer in education. Learn the unique skill of leadership and then use your knowledge to help unite around our common goals for the preservation and enhancement of affordable housing.

Together we can and will build bridges from cooperative to cooperative, state to state, by working as a team vigorously fighting for all affordable housing across united states. Our dreams continue to lay the foundation for those that come behind us. We are building bridges for others to follow so their road is smother than ours.

We hope that each and every one of you has come with a strong desire to learn and a willingness to participate in all that our cooperative community offers in the way of building bridges for the future. Cooperatives come in many different composition but one thing remains the same a firm belief in the benefits of the cooperative movement.

We in MAHC , have a philosophy to educate the mind and not the body. So bring yourself to the table , partake of this great feast of knowledge and I can promise you that you will return home heavily laden with learning and happier for the experience, you will take something home that will last forever.

We must remember that the “Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives “ was created by co-opers for co-opers, Perhaps some have simply forgotten that MAHC is there Association.

We as members of MAHC must clearly understand our ownership of this association and support it as we would our own cooperative. If we don’t someday, we’ll be looking for MAHC and will find it referenced in the rich history of cooperative housing.

As Bill always said:

MAHC Today
Remember, an informed board member is an effective board Member.  We have accomplished much together but there is still much to do.

MAHC Tomorrow
MAHC must work to reach those who have never made themselves part of this organization, and there are many. 

MAHC Forever
Let us give thanks for those who came before us, whose shoulders we stand upon today, whose footprints we walk in. Help us prepare for the future by continuing to blaze a trail of education and enlightenment which will empower our future generations and preserve our Cooperative heritage. 

The dream continues …. Use this educational opportunity to focus on building foundations for home, building bridges for community and enhancing your leadership abilities to build a better and stronger cooperative communities. 

Your Servant

William Magee

With Great Fondness And Admiration
Remembering our President, Mr. Bill Magee

It’s not often that you meet people that leave a lasting, profound effect on your life.  It is certain that we all are impacted by people that are driven with a purpose to make a change.  People that have a desire and willingness to serve for all the right reasons have a lasting effect on each of us.  Bill Magee was in fact one of those people.  Mr. Magee, or “Bill” as he liked to be called lived a life that modeled his heart of servitude.  His service, which spanned a lifetime and included service to our country as well as service to his community, both on a state and local level are impressive; but it is without a doubt his service within our Cooperative community that has left the largest impact and is for certain his greatest legacy. 


MAHC Today
. . . . . . . .. . . MAHC Tomorrow
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MAHC Forever

When things get hard, I like to look back to my mentor Mr. Bill Mage for inspiration. While I was reading them, I thought it would be good to share it with you.

We are facing an extremely difficult and hard times never been seen before in our lifetime. It is hard but we will get through it. I salute you, as representatives of your Cooperatives, whose voluntary efforts and enthusiasm make housing cooperatives a wonderful place for your neighbors to live at a cost which they can afford.

As I have said in the past:

It is critically important that coop members take advantage of conferences and Workshops. The health of the coop depends upon it. I hope that you will enjoy the conference, and that you will return to your homes with a wealth of knowledge and Friendship to share with your fellow cooperators.

Getting our next generation prepared to carry the Cooperative movement into the next level is a goal we should all share. This is how we protect, enhance and enrich our up and coming future members to carry our unique form of affordable living forward for many generations to come.

The MAHC board is simply the coordinating group of MAHC on behalf of our members. At the conferences it is fellow members sharing their knowledge as instructors to other cooperative members. Throughout our nation’s history, people have come together through MAHC to pursue common
goals. As a natural part of that process, people engage with each other, learn more about their community’s strengths and challenges, and develop their skills in community problem-solving.

We as a group are MAHC, We embody the best of America. we provide a way for people to work together for the common good, transforming shared beliefs and hopes into action. we give shape to our boldest dreams, highest ideals, and noblest causes. we improve the lives of individuals, add vitality to American communities, contribute to local and national economies, and enhance the overall health of our democracy.

Each of us is driven by a purpose. We do what we do because we believe that some things are important enough for us to take a stand. Each of us has made a personal commitment to serve. We do it because it calls upon the best part of ourselves. The part that believes we must try. That believes that when we do try, we can make a difference.

Simply put; . . . “Together we get things done. “ . . 
We’re not a think tank or infrastructure group that talks about what needs to be done; we do it.   We focus on impact and action, leading to outcomes that demonstrably improve the operating and policy environment on which we all rely.

We have been building bridges to our fellow cooperatives and community for years. It was just for situations like this. We need to step forward and assist our fellow cooperatives. We have the knowledge and training that we need to share with local cooperatives to get through this time.

It is now the time for us to come forward and help fellow cooperatives. To train and assist them with our experience. We  recommend you reach out to one another around your area to share and help each other. Now it is even more important to reach out and help each other. 

MAHC encourages cooperatives large and small to join forces to improve and preserve the cooperative lifestyle for all. MAHC’s focus on education has been instrumental in cementing the future of our way of life; and bringing young cooperators into the fold is a primary focus.

You will not be alone, MAHC will increase local classes this year in each of the states. We continue to provide training material on our web site.  We are available for help and assistance.  The local MAHC VP’s in each state are ready to assist you.  

Local classes are good for refresher class and to train new Board Members. we just do not have the opportunity as we do at the conference with over 300 people in attendance. At the conference some one is bound to have been through it like you are going through now.

In August we will have our conference so we can get together as a group to help each other work though the problems we have. It is at the conference I learn from many of you how to address certain problems. There we can address many problems with the help of so many different cooperatives and the problems they have faced. 

Reach out now to show everyone the wonderful work of cooperative housing and the co-op way of life.

“If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, i wouldn’t jump with them. . . . . ….. . . I’d be at the bottom to catch them.” – Unknown

Richard Berendson

President MAHC

Cooperative Information Sharing

We have a duty as cooperatives to pass on knowledge to our fellow members and our future members Check out MAHC’s information sharing web page. There you can find all kinds of resources such as disaster planning – emergency response handbook – promotional materials to attract new members.

August 2 - 5, 2020

Annual Conference

Come join us in Denver  for the Cooperative Housing educational event of the year. MAHC is recognized as the Nation’s leader in training, education and support services for Housing Cooperatives. The MAHC Annual Conference features many ongoing educational opportunities, including classes and workshops. Attendees will be able to meet and share ideas and practices with coop members, as well as service professionals and vendors.

Registration fees include admission to all  sessions, the Exhibit Hall , the Welcome Reception , An Awards Luncheon on Monday and the Annual Luncheon on Wednesday.

Training from the Nations Leaders

MAHC is dedicated to ongoing education for the Cooperative Community. MAHC recognizes that keeping up with changes in the industry requires exciting, dynamic and pertinent new classes and conference workshops.  MAHC features many ongoing educational opportunities, including classes and workshops. Attendees will be able to meet and share ideas and practices with coop members, as well as service professionals and vendors.

1st Time Attendees at the conference

In order to make the most of your time here at the MAHC conference, we welcome your participation in the first time attendee meeting that will take place in the 

Tower Room C at 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM on Sunday Aug 2.  2020.

This will allow you to ask questions you may have and give you an overview of the conference.

More Free books on our Information Sharing Page

Professional Directory

Because housing cooperatives can benefit from engaging professionals familiar with the specific nuances of cooperative housing, many housing cooperatives look for professionals who are MAHC members. To connect cooperatives with experienced cooperative professionals, MAHC offers an comprehensive directory of professional members, which lists a variety of professionals by their respective service specialty.

New Professional Member Interstate

Interstate is an emergency restoration and general contractor company specializing in restoring commercial property nationwide. We make coping with a disaster more manageable by providing one place for all of your emergency restoration and disaster recovery services. This means you can focus on the important stuff—like getting back to business and life.


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