Annual Conference New Orleans

Please mark you calendars with the new dates
August 28 to September 1

Class Offerings

The MAHC Annual Conference will feature over 50 outstanding cooperative education classes taught by dedicated industry professionals and co-op members. All areas of co-op operations are addressed in the 2021 schedule of classes.


The MAHC Conference provides an opportunity to network with over 300 attendees, including many of the leading professionals in the cooperative movement. Over 15 vendors will be available to share information with MAHC members.


MAHC is the only organization to provide Certified Cooperative Specialist (CCS) training for board, staff, and professional members. Certification provides an industry standard, a commitment to a level of knowledge and learning that can be relied upon. “An excellence recognized by the Cooperative Industry”. The classes are constantly, updated, and reworked to keep it exciting, dynamic, and pertinent with new things and new ways to do things.


News, analysis, and how-to association management Now, the premier media source for the cooperative. We are working to make the MAHC website at into the central exchange platform for new cooperative housing information.

Outstanding Venue of Conference Classes

In addition to the Certified Cooperative Specialist (CCS) and New Board Member classes, there is an impressive selection of sessions scheduled for Monday –Wednesday. All of the classes are taught by highly qualified instructors with in depth experience in cooperative housing.

Aug 28 to Sep 1

Qualified Instructors

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to learn the crucial details of cooperative housing administration directly from instructors who have lived it every day for years..

Strut Your Stuff

Show your Cooperative pride. for your cooperative at the luncheon.

Trolley Cars

Seven bright red streetcars now service the Riverfront line, which includes 10 stops between Esplanade Avenue and the Moria! Convention Center. Historic St. Charles Avenue Line Named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, the St. Charles Avenue Line has been in continuous operation since its inception in 1893. Trolley cars travel the entire length of the celebrated St. Charles Avenue,


Opportunities to exchange ideas, expertise, and lessons learned with leaders and staff of other organizations like yours---both in person and online. A direct connection to peers, consultants, and industry partners. You reaps benefits because it, through you and other members, acquires information that might not otherwise be accessible. How else but through MAHC would you have access to the thoughts and work of employees of a different, perhaps even competing, company?


MAHC board members, professional advisors, and staff are available to meet with cooperatives to deliver training for members, board members, and staff, to mediate board disputes, or to provide consulting services on a variety of cooperative matters.

What is normal? 
I try to watch as much news and research the internet to get ideas about when we could have the conference and get back to some kind of normal. I miss seeing you and networking – how do you think I learn how to address my coops problems.  You help me find the answers – I just copy them down and put it up were other can use the information also.

We are at the glass is half full or half empty.  This has hit our members harder then most as affordable housing our members are struggling with finances before this problem.  I only hope this will help pull us together and lift each other up.  That is what cooperatives has always done work together to survive. 

The truth is we will never get back to normal. The Problem With Saying ‘When Things Get Back To Normal’ After COVID-19

We won’t resume regular life for a while ― and some things have changed permanently due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How many times in the last few months have the words “When things get back to normal…” come out of your mouth?

“When things get back to normal, I’m never saying ‘no’ to an invite from my friends to go out on the weekends.”

And for the families and friends of the more 220,000 Americans who have died because of COVID, the prospect of “getting back to normal” without their loved ones around is a complicated matter.

“We are designed to adapt and grow, not simply to ‘exist,’” he said. “And that can only be achieved by overcoming adversity and embracing progressive change.”

A post-COVID world should be “remarkably different,” –   “meaning some things may not feel ‘normal’ or ‘comfortable.’ But we will adapt to that, too, and be stronger for it.”

“I tell people to think about what you’re actually saying when you say ‘back to normal,’” “Are you saying ‘back to normal’ when you really mean ‘when I felt safe, loved, in routine, emotionally and economically stable and secure’? If so, try saying that.”

“Maybe you’re saying ‘I wish things were back to normal’ when you really mean ‘I wish I could hug my mom,’ or ‘I wish I had a stable sense of my finances,’” “Having a specific sense of what you need means you can have a more specific action plan to get back to a healthier state.”

Instead of idealizing that old “normal,” it might be smarter to use this time to figure out a system that’s safer and healthier for all of us,  If we play our cards right, I believes, COVID-19 and our current reality could be a huge wake-up call.

The glass is half full and rising each day because we work together to move forward and not backwards.


New Orleans Info

We have Corona info for New Orleans updated Here for you along with information on New Orleans 

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Conference Info

We have put together a time line for the conference and good information about the conference 

Fun Contest
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At the bottom of our conference page we have our speakers .  How many do you know and give us there names.  

Things to do near by

At the bottom of our conference page we have our speakers .  How many do you know and give us there names.  

Annual & Class information

At the bottom of our conference page we have our speakers .  How many do you know and give us there names.  

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Cooperators seeking detailed information on the
role and responsibilities of boards, finances, governance, history, legal issues, and strategic planning will discover a wealth of available material

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MAHC has become a clearinghouse and exchange for information about cooperative housing and cooperatives in general.

There are 15 +subsections of cooperative housing information, each one leading to additional multiple links to research, articles, books, topics, and websites.

Training from the Nations Leaders

MAHC is dedicated to ongoing education for the Cooperative Community. MAHC recognizes that keeping up with changes in the industry requires exciting, dynamic and pertinent new classes.   MAHC features many ongoing educational opportunities, including classes and workshops. 

Do to the situation of not allowing groups to get together we are stepping up our webinars with additional instructors and classes  starting in July.   Watch our upcoming training web page.