Leadership change at MAHC

Blaine Honeycutt

Blaine has been with MAHC in leadership role for over 20 years and has a lot of new ideas and experience to lead us forward in the future, 

MAHC will continue to adapt its services and programs to meet the ever changing needs of our membership. We will continue to seek out partnerships by which we can develop and deliver these services the goal being to provide
the most enriched membership experience possible.

We want to sincerely thank each member for the continued support you have demonstrated time and time again.

Your suggestions are always welcome. Much of the change you have seen in recent years is due to your input….   keep it coming.

I am not going away but going to keep working on being able to update the web pages, spend more time updating our data base to have the correct information.  and working on more training manuals.  

Update on New Orleans 

Conference update

Cooperators seeking detailed information on the
role and responsibilities of boards, finances, governance, history, legal issues, and strategic planning will discover a wealth of available material

Portal to Cooperative Housing Information with over 250 files for cooperative use

MAHC has become a clearinghouse and exchange for information about cooperative housing and cooperatives in general.

There are 15 +subsections of cooperative housing information, each one leading to additional multiple links to research, articles, books, topics, and websites.