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The KC Connection

On Saturday October 15, 2011, MAHC hosted an educational seminar in downtown Kansas City, Missouri at the Hotel Phillips. Eighty-four participants registered to attend this event which represented twelve cooperatives from the states of Kansas and Missouri.

Board members gave condensed overviews of just a fraction of the educational classes that MAHC offers. Those presented were “The Police and You”, by David Rudicil; “Cooperative Law”, by Randall Pentiuk, Esq.; a Certified Cooperative Director review by Marlene Dau; and “On Cue”, by Bill Magee, which is an interactive class. Attendees actively participated physically and also verbally with questions and comments.

This seminar also highlighted the continued need for education that Co-op Board Members are requesting. MAHC will strive to create new classes that will bring better service to organizations, but also our commitment to offer help and support. Enabling Cooperatives to not only meet the challenges facing them today, but for the future so that they can continue to thrive and provide affordable and quality housing.

The Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives thanks the following for helping to sponsor the Kansas City Education Seminar.

Enhanced Value Strategies                                          FK Gibbs Company, LLC
St. Louis Missouri                                                           Kansas City, Missouri

  Keli Management                                                            Dudley Leonard, Attorney
Kansas City, Missouri                                                      Kansas City, Missouri

Linville Management Services, Inc.                           Pine Tree Townhouses, Inc.
Gladstone, Missouri                                                       Lawrence, Kansas

 Tailor Made Property Services, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

Many thanks to the MAHC Board members Dave Rudicil, Bill Magee, Marlene Dau and Randall Pentiuk for presenting classes, and to Brenda McElhaney, MAHC Vice President for Kansas and Missouri, for pulling this event together.