By Jennifer Rhodes

As president of a coop, I truly understand how hard and time consuming it can be to take care of your coop. We all struggle with getting members to volunteer for committees, and take    responsibility for contributing to the success of their coop. The best way for a coop to be successful is to get as many members involved as possible.  The best way to accomplish that goal is through committees. MAHC has two classes to help you - “Committee Charges” and “How to get Volunteers.”  I encourage you to attend these classes that will give you the information needed for your board members to get your committees started with confidence, a positive attitude, and make your task easier.  Committees are formed to aid the board and take some of the load off your backs, but they need leadership and training from the board of directors.  Prepare yourself with the tools you need to get your coop members involved by letting them know you need their help and making them feel a part of the coop business.  I look forward to seeing you in these classes in San Diego, 2012.