Carolyn Jackson
MAHC Office Manager

Carolyn Jackson has been with MAHC for a strong 10 years.  She was retired from a Health and Safety position with General Motors, when she began helping out by answering the phones in the main office.  Carolyn, when asked how she got involved in this position said, “They needed someone to do it, so I did it”.  Soon enough, she had taken on every clerical duty you could think of in addition to handling the organizational duties of the annual conference while simultaneously sitting on her Board of Directors in Romulus, MI.  Not quite the relaxing life style most people envision for retirement. 

Her interest in Cooperative living began when she was renting an apartment.  The economical benefit was what first brought her to a Co-op, but the real advantage was realized when she began to feel a sense of ownership she didn’t even know she was missing.  Carolyn now says the thing she cherishes most about living in a Co-op is participating in a weekly Bible study class with a consistent group of forty close friends. 

Carolyn consistently credits just about everyone but herself, so it’s no surprise when her advice to Board Members and Directors is just to perform duties for the sake of those who it affects the most.  She also thinks the best thing a board member can do is truly listen.  Ever the optimist, Carolyn wants MAHC to reach out and educate more and more people, as she feels every renter, if they just knew what a co-op was, would no doubt see it meant living a richer life.  We can all learn from this devoted Member’s honesty and humility, and I suspect everyone around her already does.