By Patricia Walter, Author

“Life changes, goes up and down, you never know until it comes around. We try to smile, through good and bad, depend on friends to keep away sad. The journey is long, the road is rough, faith and hope will be enough. Don’t waste a day in anger or regret keep joy in your heart your needs will be met.”

I wanted to share this poem with my fellow board members and all coop’s in the US and Canada. With the condition of things in the world today we all are facing challenges we never knew before. I feel it is important for us to be positive in mind, body and spirit.

I’m reaching out to all coops especially Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.  I point them out because I am responsible for these three states. I have mailed out 36 mailings to the board of directors in these states, if you did not receive them it’s because your office staff did not pass this information to the board, remember they work for you. MAHC is working hard to educate the board of directors with the tools necessary to function as a successful housing business. You are doing your coop a disservice if you don’t take advantage of the education we have to offer.  MAHC is here for you, let us hear from you tell us what we can do to help you move to the top of your potential.

This is a personal invitation for you to visit our website post your comments, suggestions, ideas, hopes, and dreams.  We have to start some place, why not here and now.

Respectfully submitted
Jennifer Rhodes