James Pierson

Mr. James Pierson has served on the Fountain Court Board for many years and has been President since 1992.  MAHC's newly elected Board Member says it was attending the MAHC conferences that drew him into his current level of involvement.  "Through annual conferences and continued support, MAHC  prepares all its Board Members to work their Cooperatives through top notch service.  The knowledge is presented very simply and if you attend and participate I  guarantee 200% you are going to walk away with a better  understanding of what coops are all about," says James, who hopes to begin teaching at next year's event.

James has enjoyed membership at Fountain Court Cooperative since   moving in July 10, 1980.  As a single parent, he was initially drawn in by the affordability but instantly connected with his neighbors.  James especially appreciated the on-site maintenance which enabled him to keep up a busy schedule.  "Family fun day brings very fond memories to mind, all the Members having a big picnic with music, entertainment and raffle drawings.  It's a time to just celebrate life," says James.

James describes himself as a team player and intends on bringing new    positions to his Cooperative, keeping in mind the greater go next and always working on understanding the future of housing.   He plans on letting the world know about Cooperative living and why it's needed today more than ever.

Our newest Board Member wants to distribute education around cooperatives, because he believes if we had more cooperatives, perhaps we wouldn’t be in the housing crisis we're faced with.  To anyone not taking advantage of what the Midwest cooperatives offer, "I would tell them to move!  It's the easiest way to formally own a house and you get the same tax write off at the end of the year," says James.

James admires MAHC for allowing professionals to be on board working with all its members.  "We all walk different paths and its great to witness lawyers and doctors working side by side with waitresses and clerks.  There is no hierarchy when everyone is appreciated for their unique skill set," says James.

James believes in Cooperative living, and remembers to toast often, "MAHC today, MAHC tomorrow, MAHC forever."