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Keli Management

How many times have you wished the people you work for, or with, knew what it was like to perform your job?  If you work for Lisa Gamble, President of Keli Management, this wish would come true. Lisa began her climb through the ranks in 1986 as a receptionist for a commercial real   estate company.  She rose steadily taking on roles including secretary, administrative assistant,  bookkeeper, controller, human resources coordinator, office manager, property manager and finally, corporate vice president, before opening Keli Management with her husband, Kenny Gamble, in   November 2010. 

Keli Management is a full service company specializing in Cooperative living.  While Lisa has been involved with MAHC for several years and has recently been asked to present at the annual conference (2011) for the third year in a row, her connection to Cooperative living roots much farther back. 

Before MAHC was created, Lisa was personally involved with the National Association of Housing Cooperatives.  She was delighted when the Midwest Association developed because it     offered more personal support.  Lisa appreciates the high quality of training MAHC offers and is constantly impressed with the Board’s genuine concern and care for the industry.  Lisa is proud of her membership with MAHC and appreciates the repetitive classes provided for people who cannot make the conference each year, but encourages new, fresh classes as well, based on the latest issues. 

Lisa strongly encourages renters to look into the Co-op movement because each of her tenants insists the advantages for the value simply cannot be beat.  Lisa says, “Once you’re in a Co-op, you really start to understand what a jewel you have and most people stay forever.  I’ve had members decide it was their time to move out, they were getting married or going through a change, and within a few years, most came back”.

It’s clear that Keli Management is about understanding communication, character and reputation.  Lisa says one line sums up the Company’s management style, “We are in the people business.  If we ever forget that, we are out of business”.