Board Member Profile (A New Regular Feature)

Cynthia Phillips  Oakdale Residents Cooperative

Cynthia Phillips moved into a Cooperative over 38 years ago and immediately started getting involved. She initially wanted to overturn the existing local board, but after petitioning for change, she decided, “If you can’t beat them, join them”, and was elected in 1980. 

She was drawn in by the fact that she wouldn’t have to worry about cutting the grass or fixing the roof because the Co-op would take care of it.  “Unless I go and punch a hole in the wall for no reason, the co-op will take care of what breaks and this means no unexpected expenses for me”, says Cynthia.  This made her feel very taken care of and she didn’t mind the fact that she would never solely own her entire unit because she feels people never solely own their entire home.  “Even if is paid off, which it probably isn’t, you still have to pay property taxes”, she said.

Cynthia has been involved with MAHC for 32 years and on the MAHC Board for 15 years.  She describes her relationship with the association as “truly involved”, and thinks MAHC is doing very well right now.  “The national and other associations are trying to copy off us!” she says.  Cynthia feels that the 13-18 youth are the future and would like to see more classes added for this age group.  She would like to focus on teaching the youth how to be Board Members so they are well prepared when they take the current positions over.  She says her Co-op has a strong youth group that set up a pen pal program with seniors, who they call every day and try to help out by performing chores such as taking the garbage out or putting extra salt down when it snows.

Cynthia resides in one of the 31 ranch homes that circle the rest of her cooperative and says she would never move out unless she won the lottery, “for at least 30 million”. This Board Member believes that people get out of life what they put in, so Cynthia, along with her husband of 40 years, seem to be enjoying their return.