Congratulation to Frankie Morton

On Friday, November 5, 2010 Ms. Frankie Morton, Board President of Mayfield Green Cooperative in Indianapolis, IN was presented with the 1st annual Cooperator Community    Service Award from the Indiana Cooperative Development Center (ICDC).

The Indiana Cooperative Development Center has been charged with promoting the development of cooperatives throughout Indiana; not only housing cooperatives, but all forms of cooperatives, including food markets, farms, utility companies and more.

Ms Morton and other Board members from Mayfield Green have hosted a couple of meetings for the Center; sharing their views on cooperative living.  They have also allowed ICDC Board  members to tour Mayfield Green and learn firsthand what it means to live in a cooperative.  The actual nomination reads as follows:

“Ms. Frankie Morton epitomizes the spirit of cooperative living.  When developers tried to     purchase Mayfield Green and convert it to a conventional apartment community, Ms. Morton personally visited with all members of the cooperative to explain exactly what would happen if the cooperative was converted to conventional multi-family housing.  Had the conversion taken place the members would have received a small amount of cash and lost the affordable housing they had forever.  Members would have received a maximum of $15,000 if the property had been sold to developers.  That is not enough to afford safe, decent housing.  Members might have been able to stretch the $15,000 out for a couple of years, but beyond that they would have been hard pressed to find a community as nice as Mayfield Green to live in.

As President of the Board, Ms. Morton pushed for the development of a Community  Resource Center on the property.  In 2007 the Center became a reality.  The Center provides GED classes for any interested member, computer classes for those wanting to update or improve their career opportunities, and an after school study program for students.

Every year the cooperative holds a “member appreciation day”.  The cooperative provides games, entertainment, a health fair, free school supplies, haircuts and more for the members.  This past summer several hundred people attended the festivities.

Everything Ms. Morton does on the property is done with the best interests of the members.  Her position as President of the Board of Directors is strictly a volunteer   position; she receives no compensation for the services she provides Mayfield Green.  Due to her leadership and cooperative spirit, 342 families have safe, affordable, decent housing.”