Townhouse Plaza  A Model in the Coop Community

Townhouse Plaza Cooperative is a leader in Cooperative Housing.  A bold, but true statement supported by some pretty staggering facts.

Built in 1967, Townhouse Plaza Cooperative is located in Clinton Township.  Like most Cooperatives some of the benefits included in the Association Fees include gas, water, grass cutting, snow removal and full maintenance.  They don’t stop there however.  As a Cooperative member or Board Member reading this - imagine what it might be like for your Cooperative if you had no Mortgage.  Impossible in this economy?!  Not at all. 

Not only does Townhouse Plaza not have a mortgage, but in the last few years they have moved to a market rate Cooperative!  Around 30% of their members have been there for over 20 years!  Out of 217 Units, only 2 are empty and only 7 are for sale!  Those numbers aren’t just amazing, they are astounding in this economy.  So how are they   doing it?  Is it an incredible Board of Directors? A strong business minded Property Manager who knows how to get things done?  Or a strong community of members?

All of the above.  Gary Kramer, the property manager at Townhouse Plaza says that above all else, the service they provide to their members is what makes Townhouse Plaza stand out.  They have numerous committees that keep all of its members involved in the Cooperative way of life.  Some of these committees include, but are not limited to: a Beautification Committee, Finance Committee, Building Committee, Pet Committee and a Neighborhood Watch Committee.  These committees are made up of members who do all the legwork and then come to board meetings to submit their reports.  This not only is a time saver, but allows for quick decisions and quick action by the Board of Directors.                                                                                                               
The neighborhood watch committee is a perfect example of how Townhouse Plaza is run and why it is successful and thriving.  The neighborhood watch committee has had not only the  local sheriff and chief of police come and speak, but a specialist from the police department as well.  They are out on all the major holidays, especially Devil’s Night and Halloween - they are on bikes, walking or in a car with a yellow light on top.  Imagine how safe the members must feel knowing that everyone is looking out for everyone else. 

What else are they doing?  Yep, there’s more.  Townhouse Plaza has been a member of MAHC for 15+ years.  They are also using technology to their advantage.  They have a simple but fully interactive website ( - which has a copy of their by-laws, rules and regs, application and more!  This opens the gate to new members, new inquiries and growth . . something all Cooperatives could use.  Townhouse Plaza is definitely a model Cooperative