Success Starts With Teamwork
Annual Board Member Retreat - July 10, 2010

On July 10th, 2010 the Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives held its Retreat Board Meeting in Romulus, Michigan. All board members were able to make this meeting except two. The discussions were lively and productive.

The annual retreat centers around two things:

1. Taking the current Mission statement of the Association and looking in depth as to each segment and what we are currently doing well and what we need to zero in on to keep working for the membership of the Cooperatives and what their needs are.
Our current mission statement: "To support and champion the cause of quality housing through education, legislative actions, partnerships, and advocacy for housing cooperatives."

*We took each piece of that mission statement (education, legislative, partnerships and advocacy) and looked at what goals we need to set to be looking and moving forward with cutting edge products and services for the membership.

*This process created goals under each of the headings that have been assigned to committees and will be brought back to the entire Board of Directors for final approval and implementation. Some will take longer than others but we will continually move forward with results or changes as necessary.

2. The second thing we did was look at the results of the strategic planning CCD education portion where the board members as students gave the MAHC board ideas as to what they think our goals should be. Surprisingly, a lot of things closely matched or were exactly what the Board of Directors brought forward. This gave us a good feeling as to our diligent
efforts to pay attention to the membership as to their wants and needs. These were incorporated into the committee charges as well.

Other items discussed on Saturday were how to continue the progress of the new certification classes: the CCD, CCM and CCMM. We are working on bringing these classes to the members regionally or state by state. There have been some requests already so we will market the classes with those options in mind.

Additionally, there will be a draft presented to the Board of Directors of how the Participants that have earned their Certification already will be required to get six (6) hours of continuing education that will keep them the "Premier Members" with ongoing education and credentials.
We will bring forth categories that will be acceptable and will be held at the conferences or midyears so participants can easily reach this goal.

All in all, everyone felt really good about all the work that was accomplished in this one day retreat and we all feel even better about giving the paying Cooperative membership cutting edge information and education.

-Article by Board Member Marlene Dau