MAHC Proudly Welcomes Board Member
Anna Howard

My name is Anna Howard, and I have been graciously granted the opportunity to serve on the MAHC Board.

I became aware of cooperative living in 1996 when I moved to Ash Street Cooperatives, in Illinois, with my children and grandchildren. Throughout the years I became more knowledgeable about the advantages offered through cooperative living. I found that the cooperatives offered affordable housing, maintenance—free conditions, as well as providing a strong sense of community relationships. Above all, I learned that as a member, I was also an owner.

Feeling a sense of commitment, I eventually became a Director on the Ash Street Cooperative Board. I attended my first MAHC conference in Jacksonville, FL. Since attending with the late Cynthia Johnson and serving as her campaign manager; attending the workshops, and networking with others, I set my sights on becoming more intensively involved in the decision-making body. My focal point would be the “seniors.” As I attended each conference thereafter, it became inevitable that I wanted to do more for not only Ash Street members, but for other seniors residing in other cooperatives.

I, again, offer my sincere thanks to Bill Magee and other members of the MAHC Board for affording me the opportunity to serve as a Board Member.