MAHC’s First Line

The first line of MAHC’s mission statement is “To support and champion the cause of quality housing through education “. This is the part that I personally take seriously, which is the heart of MAHC. Members have been requesting more education, and thanks to Marlene Dau, Melanie Phillips and Dino DeMare, three new classes have been developed for cooperative living. Certified Cooperative Director, Manager and Maintenance.

At the mid-year conference, cooperative and MAHC board members, myself included, had the opportunity to take the Certified Cooperative Directors pilot course. The class itself was sixty-seven strong which included board members who have served twenty or even thirty plus years, who came away with new knowledge, perspectives and ideas. As for myself, I cannot praise the class or its instructors enough. The information provided was geared for new and sitting board members alike. The materials, book and handouts were done in a professional manner which added to the quality of the class and emphasized the education. It is my belief, that to ensure quality and affordable cooperative living for the present and the future, is through education and information that is current and cutting edge. The new Certified Cooperative Directors class meets this criteria and more.

Now that these classes have been rolled out, members need to take advantage and participate in learning and maintaining their co-ops traditions of providing quality housing for not only the current generation, but for those yet to come. It has been said that Cooperative living is the best. Those of us who have experienced this unique lifestyle couldn’t agree more, which is why we need to not only continue our education, but to support and champion our cause.

I look forward to seeing many of you at our annual conference in Las Vegas and the opportunity of exchanging thoughts and ideas.

Until then,

Cooperatively yours,

Brenda McElhaney
MAHC Board Member