The Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives Board of Directors and staff have responded to overwhelming requests for new, improved, and extensive training for Directors and their staff

The Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives is pleased to announce that new classes they have been working on at the request of their members and comprehensive courses which offer certifications are now ready.

The new classes are announced as follows:
• Certified Cooperative Maintenance Manager (CCMM)
• Certified Cooperative Director (CCD)
• Certified Cooperative Manager (CCM).

The Certified Cooperative Maintenance Manager (CCMM) class is designed for Maintenance Personnel
that have the duties of regular maintenance duties at a Cooperative Housing Property as well as any Cooperative member or other staff that want to know more about the Cooperative Maintenance Process. This class will not teach you the tools you need to fix a refrigerator, but will educate you with the tools to understand what a Cooperative is and your role in this unique form of housing. As well, you will get tools to help you with ethics, maintenance plans, Cooperative goals, inventory control, working with contractors, and much, much more. This
is an eleven hour class, that MAHC has endorsed. Upon completion and passing of a final test of this course, the attendee will receive certification.

Certified Cooperative Director (CCD) course is designed for all Board of Directors, Committee Members, and/or Members that want and need the components that drive the operations and oversight of the Cooperative Corporation. This course is a sixteen hour course that covers everything from the history of Cooperatives and Corporate Law to Ethics in the Board Room. As well, topics covered will be budgets, audits, financial components, marketing and managing of your Cooperative. This list is only a piece of this comprehensive program which MAHC has endorsed. Each individual who completes the course and passes the test will be given a certification of completion.

Certified Cooperative Manager (CCM) is a course designed for managers and assistant managers of Cooperative Housing of any type. Topics covered include fair housing, Ethics, legal structure of Cooperatives, policy making, decision making, financial integrity, and battling the renter’s mentality in today's Cooperatives. The list is only a portion of what is covered in this sixteen hour course that includes testing and receiving certification from Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives and earning that certification as a CCM.

The participant who has received any other training in Cooperative Housing will be impressed with the amount and quality of information this course allows. MAHC noticing the importance and the high demand for these courses eluded MAHC to hold a Regional Midyear Conference for their members in September.

The Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives kept the registration fees at a mere $75.00 per person , thus allowing for every member to attend and get their certification.

This low price of $75.00 per person is ONLY available at the 2009 MAHC Regional Midyear Conference, and is an introductory price.

All the mailings on the Midyear, have been mailed out at the end of July. Each brochure of classes offered, schedule, and registration was sent out to each Cooperative.

If you should have any questions contact the MAHC Office at 734-955-9516.