“The heart of education is with MAHC”

My name is Brenda McElhaney and I have received the privilege to serve on the MAHC Board. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the members of MAHC.

I first experienced the advantages of cooperative living while raising my two daughters. Pinetree Townhouses in Lawrence, Kansas was our home for about ten years. The affordable housing, sense of community and maintenance free living were large benefits for a single parent. My children and I moved out of Pinetree. They grew up and left to start their own life, careers and families. I had retired from my job as a firefighter and now I was a empty nester. I made the decision to downsize and thus began my second experience with cooperative living. I moved back to Pinetree and was elected to their Board of Directors.

My first experience with MAHC was at the 2008 conference in Vegas. I was so impressed and enthusiastic about the quality of the classes and the knowledge of the instructors. I knew I wanted to be part of this organization and to do what I could to contribute. It is my intent while serving on both boards to promote cooperative living. The benefits of affordable housing, quality living and belonging to a community. It is also my intent to promote education because that is where I believe the future of MAHC lies.

Thanks to Marlene Dau and her group of volunteers, new classes are being written which I feel will place MAHC at the forefront and stay cutting edge. These classes are being written with the future of cooperative living in mind incorporating many new ideas.

I want to thank all the members for this opportunity to serve you on the MAHC Board. I will strive to do my best.

Brenda McElhaney