My name is Tracey Goetsch and I have had the privilege of being recently elected t o the MAHC
Board or Directors. I would like to introduce myself to the membership of MAHC.

I have lived at Colonial Square Town Homes in Kansas City Missouri on two separate occasions. The first time I lived there was for a period of about 8 years, as I raised my two young children. I returned to cooperative living after being away and have now
been there 7 years. I returned because I missed the community feel of cooperative living along with the affordability and the maintenance benefits. It was the sense of community that was the main draw to come back.

My children are grown now. Each one of them has expressed an appreciation for growing up in a "true community" where neighbors knew each other and cared about each other. Both my son and my daughter feel they have a need to give back to their world as a result. My daughter has her masters in social work and is working in London England. My son is a Navy Seal based in California. Both of them say that their time as children, growing up in the cooperative community has influenced their life choices as adults.

My career choice has also been influenced by the cooperative community and philosophy. I work for Midland Group. The Midland Group is a company created from a vision of serving the disadvantaged and at the same time providing a valuable service to the healthcare industry. Midland was established to fulfill a charitable mission if improving access to healthcare for the low income and under insured people. My job, as the Business Line Manager for Midland Capital Resources, is to negotiate contractual arrangements for the various healthcare facilities to establish payment plans for patient that have health care costs that are not covered by insurance or any public benefits programs. Our purpose is to make it affordable for
patients to seek and secure the health care they need, while providing them the means to pay for that care with payments that fit within their family budgets. Currently I oversee this program for over 15 hospitals in the Kansas City Metro area and across Missouri and Kansas.

Prior to that I worked with Agrilance Industries, Missouri Department of Labor., Hopcroft Glass,
United Missouri Bank, and MeraVic Co. I have always enjoyed working directly with customers and clients to serve them in the best way possible. I intend to do the same with my service on the MAHC Board of Directors. I have served on the Board of Directors for Colonial Square Town Homes for over three years. I am currently serving as the Vice President of that board. During that time our community has seen many changes. We have paid off our HUD mortgage and
undergone extensive education as to our options as a result of the pay off. As a community we elected to remain it cooperative and to continue to try to keep the community spirit that is such an asset for us all.

It is my honor to serve on both Boards. I will strive to do my best to contribute to the mission of promoting the benefits of cooperative living and the sense of community we all enjoy as a result.

Cooperatively Yours,
Tracey Goetsch