Animals Within A Corporation’s Structure

1. Shark—The shark is constantly in motion, always looking for something or someone to devour.
2. Crocodile—Patiently waits in the drinking pond for its prey. The crocodile drags its victims down with it and may slowly devour its victim over a long period of time.
3. Coyote—Lures its victim into a false sense of security, making them think that the coyote isn’t interested before pouncing on its victim. The coyote, like the fox, tricks its victims.
4. Lambs—People mentioned in the Bible used lambs as a sacrifice. Lambs are docile and require no hunting or chasing. The shepherd merely had to walk into the middle of the flock and select the lamb to be slaughtered.
5. Fur Seals—A native of the Alaskan Islands, the seal pups were so trusting of man that they allowed the hunters to walk among them and beat them to death with clubs.
6. Pigs—A constant digger of dirt and mud. Pigs make a lot of noise while they root up dirt in the pigpen.
7. Chameleon—A member of the lizard family with a unique ability to change its color to fit the situation.
8. Jellyfish—A transparent spineless aquatic animal that most can see through. But use caution a jellyfish has the ability to sting and temporarily shock those that come in contact with it.
9. Lion—An animal that stalks and watches its prey. The lion has a keen eye and can exploit the weakness within a herd.
10. Coral Snake—Exhibits beautiful colors on the exterior, but produces what may very well be the most potent venom of all the snakes in North America.
11. Vulture—Never interested in living things. Hangs around waiting for life to end, then the vulture begins his feast. The vulture is almost always depicted as a symbol of death usually in a dead tree.