Introducing Hope Turner
MAHC Board Director

Hello, let me introduce myself, I’m Hope Turner. I was recently elected in May to the MAHC Board at the Annual Conference in Jacksonville, Florida.

I am the President of the Concord Consumer Cooperative in Trenton, Michigan where my children and I reside
I never knew that there were organizations such as MAHC that help support cooperative living and its members until this year, I learned about MAHC from a friend living in another cooperative in my area. I learned that Board of Directors in my friend’s cooperative attend seminars every year.

I looked into this further by calling my cooperative’s management company. I asked them how we could get training and educate our Board of Directors. The management company told our Board and myself about MAHC. He explained what MAHC does and what they could do for cooperative members.

My board and I attended our first MAHC conference in May, 2006. I was very impressed by what I learned at the conference. I believe that more cooperative members should be aware of MAHC and their teachings.
I will continue to make cooperatives more aware of MAHC and their teachings. MAHC is a very valuable learning tool. We as current members should strongly encourage other non-members the importance of belonging to MAHC. Belonging to MAHC is such an important part of our day to day existence as cooperators in this uncertain economic environment.

In the Cooperative spirit,
Hope Turner
MAHC Director

Volume 1 Issue 7