Letter from the Editor

Everybody I have talked to about the upcoming annual MAHC Conference being held this year in Jacksonville, Florida has expressed a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement about being in one of Florida’s most beautiful cities, especially since the weather promises to be perfect for the occasion and may I add, just in time for those of us who are suffering from a large dose of “cabin fever” at this particular time, due to the harsh weather we have all suffered through this winter. I know that I am looking forward to being there and hope that I will be seeing you there, as well.

For those of you who do not know that much about the Jacksonville area, the downtown area (which is the location of the Hyatt Regency Riverfront Hotel) is overlooking the St. John’s River (the only river in the country which run’s from south to north) and runs parallel to the Atlantic ocean, some 5 miles east of the downtown area. On an historical note, one could drive a short 20 miles, or so south, on U. S. Highway A1A (between I-95 and the ocean) to St. Augustine, Florida the oldest town in America, which is the renown location of the Spanish Fort which was overtaken from the Spanish Navy by the U.S., during the Spanish-American war. This very old fort, which was built by the French and then was overtaken by Spain prior to the war is open for visitation by the public and is considered a national shrine. It is a major attraction and is visited by literally thousands of tourist each year. Believe me, it is really worth the time and the small cost involved to add this attraction to your list of things to do, especially if you are inclined to be a history buff, as I am.

I might also add that Jacksonville is the home of the Jacksonville Naval Air Station and has a large contingent of naval ships, aircraft, submarines and Coast Guard vessels stationed there as their home port. Also, for those of you who are ardent golfers, there are more than 40 golf courses in the general area, all of them awaiting your foursome. The hotel can take care of your golfing needs as well as to supply the necessary information as to greens fees, starting times and course locations, etc.
I hope that all of you have filled out and sent in your registration materials to the MAHC office by this time, along with your registration fees, as we would like to have a “good” count of members who will be in attendance by not later than April 15th if at all possible.

The Jacksonville conference promises to be one of our best in recent years and on the educational side, the workshops will be outstanding in bringing the membership up to date on the latest things going on in the ”Cooperative” world in which we all live. As usual, the MAHC board’s goal is to bring about a setting in which we can give you the latest important information and training necessary for you to do your work easier and better, regardless of your role at your individual cooperative, and at the same time make it possible for you to enjoy a relaxing period, in a pleasing and restful atmosphere which will result in a positive experience for you and your fellow cooperator’s. If we do not succeed in this goal, speaking for the entire MAHC board, we will not feel that we have fulfilled our obligation to you as officers and directors of MAHC. Therefore, after the conference, if you do not feel that these obligations to you as members has been met, to the fullest extent, I hope that you will let us know so that we might make the necessary changes and/or improvements in the future.
Looking forward to seeing you in Jacksonville on May 21 thru May 24th, 2006.

Yours in the Cooperative spirit,

James M. Knight 
Member MAHC Board and Editor

Volume 1 Issue 6