A Meeting With MAHC Office Manager, Annette Dukes
By: MAHC Editor

We are pleased to introduce to you our new Office Manager, Annete Dukes. Dukes, who has extensive experience in ensuring that cooperatives run smoothly and effectively, has been coordinating MAHC’s support to its cooperative members from its Romulus, Michigan Headquarters.

Ms. Dukes is from the Detroit area and has worked as an office manager for individual cooperatives as well as a property management office. From her time in these positions, she knows many of the details that makes a cooperative successful, and likewise the issues they can face.

Ms. Dukes first heard about MAHC from her time working with cooperative boards where she found that MAHC provided meaningful support and guidance for various issues. The board members especially enjoyed MAHC’s Annual Conference, where they were able to get together with fellow cooperators and learn ways to further grow in success.

Currently, Ms. Dukes very much enjoys her work at MAHC. She finds the job challenging and exciting as she works to coordinate support for over 100 cooperative members. While working, she has found that MAHC does more work than she initially had guessed. “MAHC is moving forward in the direction of education, helping the community, cooperatives and individuals,” she told the MAHC Editor

And while in the past she watched cooperative boards attend the Annual Conference and return with rave reviews, she was able to attend last May’s conference in Washington, D.C. “It was excellent, so much fun and very eye opening,” Dukes explained. The classes were interesting and she very much enjoyed putting
faces to the voices of cooperators with whom she has spoken with on the phone.

Ms. Dukes greatly enjoys MAHC and recommends that other cooperatives join. “Cooperatives should join because it helps board members understand their role on the board and what needs to be done,” said Dukes. This degree of understanding allows board members to be more effective at their jobs, which allows better governance overall for the cooperative.

She remains very busy at the MAHC Headquarters, where she is working on arranging the logistics for next year’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas. In addition, she plans to attend the National Association of Housing Cooperatives Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Overall, she enjoys her work and the community in which she supports. “The MAHC Board is excellent how they come together and brainstorm. They have great ideas,” said Dukes. “It’s an amazing environment to work in, I feel very honored and blessed to be a part of it.”