Dear Co-op Counselor; HELP!

Dear Co-op Counselor:

We seem to have problem with trash.  The city where our cooperative is located only picks up trash once a week.  As you can imagine, we’ve had issues with Members leaving trash outside their buildings.  On one hand, we understand that they don’t want smelly garbage in their units, but we want to keep away critters from ripping open trash bags left outside.  How can we address our Members’ concerns yet keep the property looking nice?
Please advise.

                                                                                Signed, Ghastly Garbage


Dear Ghastly:

Co-op Counselor can understand your predicament.  Rubbish poses problems for both the Members and co-op.  First, the cooperative should have a written rubbish policy which explains what is and is not acceptable.  As part of that policy, the desires of both parties (Members and Board) should be taken into account. 
Before any action is taken, the cooperative should check out the city’s rubbish ordinance to ensure any changes meet city regulations.  Once city regulations have been reviewed, the Board can better determine how to handle the trash problem. 

One way the Board could solve the issue is by investing in heavy duty plastic garbage containers where Members can store their trash.  The Board and its Members need to work together to find the right solution.

Signed: Co-op Counselor (CC)