North Park Cooperative—First MAHC Conference
by Shirley Berger, President
North Park Cooperative

I have been the President of North Park Cooperative located in Downtown Detroit for approximately one year.  It has been an absolute pleasure for me to serve my shareholders as President.  It has not always been an easy task to balance 94 different opinions, but I believe it makes us a better Board. 

Since I am always online seeking information and best practices for cooperative boards, I discovered the Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives.  WOW!  There was a wealth of     information that dealt with some of the concerns and issues that our Board was researching.  

After reading about the MAHC Conference in Arlington, Virginia, I requested that several Board members be allowed to attend the conference to network and enhance our tool box.  Although I had been President of other organizations, I understood that taking on this position would be different because of the uniqueness of local, state and federal laws such as ADA and other important issues.  

I am very excited about the 2017 MAHC conference.  I believe the networking and            interaction with other Presidents and Board members will allow us to meet other leaders that may have experienced the same concerns and issues.  I have met with several other Board members of area cooperatives to collaborate on various projects.  It is important for housing cooperatives to share best practices and the pros and cons of being Board members.

I am also a President that understands that although I am a volunteer and here to provide service to our shareholders, I take my responsibility very seriously. 

I look forward to the MAHC Conference from May 21-24, 2017.  This training will enhance my talents, skills and abilities to becoming a better President to serve our Members.    
MM Note:  MAHC Messenger will follow up with Ms. Berger in its next issue to get her take on MAHC’s Conference in Arlington.