The Road to Conference
May 21-24, 2017
Arlington, VA

A little more than a month before MAHC members head to Arlington, VA for MAHC’s 54th Annual Conference, MAHC Messenger is using some of this issue to focus on what attendees can expect.  If you have not had the opportunity to go to one of MAHC’s conferences, MAHC Messenger recently sat down with one of MAHC’s board members to find out more.

MM:  Why should Members attend the annual conference?
Answer:  MAHC’s annual conference provides a setting where members can get together and share ideas and learn new skills that they can take back with them and implement in their communities.  

MM:  Sounds great.  Could you give MAHC Messenger a few of the highlights of this year’s conference?
Answer:  Every Annual Conference has CCM, CCD and New Board training.  What better way to add on to that training than by taking some of the sessions available at conference?  Some of the this year’s sessions include:
Legal Update—ensure your Cooperative has all its bylaws, policies and procedures current;
Member and Board Relations—a must if a Board wants to maintain a successful relationship with its Members;
Applicant Screening—are all applicants being treated fairly and are your application documents free from bias;
The Awards Luncheon—recognizes outstanding MAHC members in different fields;
Board elections;
And the most important—networking with your fellow MAHC members!

MM:  If I attend the conference, how can I keep up the momentum, stay in touch, and exchange ideas with my fellow attendees?
Answer:  Most members are a phone call or email away; however, MAHC’s       Information Exchange on its website provides an excellent way to share your ideas