MAHC at Work
Training Co-Op Leaders for the Future.

Editor’s Preface:  Just a reminder that MAHC members may receive training for the following certifications:  Certified Cooperative Director, Certified Cooperative Manager, and Certified Cooperative Maintenance Manager.             Check out for more information

Parade Park Homes has a lot going for it.  First, Parade Park homes became one of the first Cooperatives formed by African-Americans in the early 1960s.  Second, the Cooperative has a great   location—close to the Kansas City jazz district.

MAHC offered Parade Park Homes a fantastic opportunity to receive one free training session of their choice.  MAHC Board Member Marlene Dau and Melanie Phillips conducted MAHC’s Certified Cooperative Director course for the Board.  According to Dau, all nine Members of the Board participated in the class! 

Almost all the Board Members had been newly appointed. 

The course benefits anyone appointed to a Cooperative’s Board of Directors by helping him/her understand what to do as a Board Member.  Dau said that the course would be a great fit for someone who has little or no background in Cooperatives.

The Certified Cooperative Director course covers much more than learning how to be a good Board Member.  Participants also learn about the history of Cooperatives, how they work, and how Board Members should govern today. 

Participants loved the course and found it very helpful.  Dau points out that one of the purposes of the class is to show Board Members what they should be looking at before they ever knew what they were looking for.

Thanks to Marlene and Melanie for conducting the training session, and a big thank you to the Parade Park Homes Board for their participation. Remember that MAHC is always available as a resource for training sessions and even more.