Calling All Students!!!

MAHC will come to you for training!  When new board members, long term board members (who feel like they need an update), and employees need or want training: think of MAHC as your source.
Great classes are offered, ranging from four hour subject specific lessons to our popular certification classes.

Certified Cooperative Director class (CCD): 1 ½ days of intense training for Board Members, ranging from History of Cooperatives to How to read your Audit.

Certified Cooperative Manager class (CCM): 1 ½ days of intense training for Managers, Assistant Managers, and Office Managers, ranging from Marketing to Finance.

Certified Cooperative Maintenance Manager: 1 full day of training, ranging from inventory systems to working at a Cooperative.

Unfortunately, we may not be able to travel to your property if you only have two people who need the class. However, we attempt to put on a regional class to accommodate a greater number of interested people. And in addition we host classes at the annual conference every year.

MAHC would like to recognize some of its latest attendees: Chatham Park Village in Chicago, Illinois.  We were proud to bring training directly to them, classes which included Fair Housing, Ethics, Knowing your Documents and Parliamentary Procedures. Over two Saturdays they had 11 attendees. 

As well, we would like to thank and commend River House Cooperative for hosting a training session for the CCD Certification for seven board members! Lots of learning was crammed in on a Friday and Saturday. 

We have had some interest for a CCMM in the Michigan area. For this class to be dynamite, we need a minimum of 10 to 12 attendees.  If your Cooperative has maintenance personnel you would like to see attend, please call Joanne Day at the MAHC Office.  Location and date has not been selected yet; we first want to see how many people have interest.