Another year is entering its last quarter, 2015 is almost in the history books.   However, our efforts to continually improve and grow as an organization never stop.
                Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives plays a central role to elevate the cooperative housing model not only at the local and state level, but also at the national stage in collaboration with other players in the housing field.
                Recently, the MAHC Board members spent 2 full days over 2 weekends to update our strategic planning with a focus on how Cooperative housing needs efficiency goals to achieve effective operation along with a need to have a “trained and fully engaged” board members to do so.
                The main findings confirmed that structured continuing professional development (CPD) is required to meet the rapidly changing needs in the cooperative. The findings of the needs assessment were used to tailor educational opportunities to build the capacity of cooperative board of director’s education system.
Education was one of the key issues identified in the Strategic Plan.   We divided it up into 4 areas:
MAHC’s Annual conference is collectively, shaping our future. In fact, the event is broader still, showcasing ideas that matter in any discipline. The format is fast paced: 50+ classes over the course of three days (to say nothing of the evening events). This immersive environment allows attendees and speakers from vastly different fields to cross-fertilize and draw inspiration from unlikely places.
MAHC Local to you training.  The main findings confirmed that structured continuing professional development (CPD) is required to meet the rapidly changing needs in the Cooperative sector. The emphasis ought to be on teaching skills, outreach work, marketing and promotion, research skills and methods, subject knowledge and terminology, and management skills.
MAHC Certification is a course that covers everything from the history of Cooperatives, Corporate Law, to Ethics in the Board Room.  Additional topics covered will be budget’s, audits, financial components, marketing and managing of your Cooperative.  This list is only a piece of this comprehensive program which the Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives has endorsed.  Each individual who completes the course and passes the test will be given a certification of completion.
MAHC online training. Currently we offer recertification classes online.  We will be expanding these in the future for board member training. 

                The other areas include expanding our information sharing on the web site.  Reaching out to venders to get discounts for our members to help with the rising costs.  Opening up communication to our members and opening up accounts on social media. 
We are now gearing up for the next Annual MAHC Conference May 22 - 25, 2016.  We hope to see you at Disney world, its going to be an exciting time full of Education and Networking.  For more information about the 2016 Conference please refer to the MAHC website at

Richard Berendson, President