Re-certification classes on-line

Is it time for your re-certification classes for the CCD, CCM, CCMM. or you did not get enough classes at the conference.

MAHC now offers re-certification classes on line to help you get your 6 hours re-certification need. They are easy to maneuver and MAHC and you will be notified that you have passed that on-line class immediately after you have taken the class.

Our Online self-paced courses offer the ultimate in convenience. Delivered totally online, participants can work anytime, any-where, 24/7, as their schedules permit. The test is multiple-choice format and covers general course knowledge.

Just contact the MAHC office at 734-955-9516 with your email address, pay your $25 re-certification fee and let them know what class you want.
the classes offered is -
 Knowing Your Documents,
 Fair Housing, Coop Law Primer,
 Cooperative Safety Class,
 Managing Human Resources
 Parliamentary Procedures.

This designation carries with it a re-certification process to ensure constant updated education and new industry information to remain active. This re-certification is six (6) hours of approved education before the end of the two (2) year period of the above date. Along with that education, there is a $25.00 renewal fee that is paid to the MAHC organization. Note there is no fee for any of the education, just the renewal fee. Without the re-certification, the designation can no longer be used by you as a cur-rent Certified Cooperative Director.

The re-recertification can be achieved in several ways. Classes taught by MAHC at the conference that have been approved for the continuing education can be taken and credit will be given. For every hour of classroom you will receive one (1) credit hour of continuing education. The instructor of that class will sign a form and you will turn it into the MAHC staff for credit. As well, there are six (6) continuing education classes that MAHC offers on-line that you can take and receive one (1) hour of credit for each class taken.