2015 Cruise Conference Interviews—Perspective...

The MAHC Messenger caught up with a few attendees from this years conference to find out what their opinions
were on some interesting topics. We spoke with MAHC Member, , Fred Gibbs who is a Managing Agent with FK Gibbs Company in Kansas City, MO, and Ted Dowl of Town Square Cooperative in Detroit, and Linda Asim
from Retreat Cooperative in Indianapolis, IN. The interviews are as follows:

What did you like most about MAHC Conference 2015?
Fred: LOCATION of course! Well and the reduced 2-day format of the classes seem to be more concise.

Definitely the more condensed class format the two-day program offered attendees more freedom. Another thing that seems better is the subject matter and the fact that they offered more classes than before.

Linda: The classes because they seemed to have captured things that I hadn’t heard before and reinforced
some of the things I already knew.

What type of classes did you like the most?
Fred: As a management agent, I like management classes and classes that have to do with that type of

Ted: I found the “Hot Topics” class appealing because it covered issues like smoking marijuana and dealing
with pets.

Linda: Here in this class, “The Roles Of Professionals”, I’ve learned that my management company
isn’t giving us great information, I have many questions for my cooperative like; shouldn’t we attend our audit? Shouldn’t we have access to our insurance information? Is our Management Company bonded?...

What can you take back to your cooperative?
Fred: Well the classes already highlight things I know and reinforce some existing knowledge like who works for whom? The bottom line is that the Board is the party to which all professionals answer. In other words all professionals work for the board.

Ted: There are different problems that each cooperative encounters and it’s nice to know who to deal with to resolve these issues.

Linda: I like the information I got from the “ You Say Ta-May-Toe I Say Ta-Mah-Toe” class. Conflicts need to be set aside, we need to get through our differences and have a meeting.