Meet New MAHC Board Member
Christine Johnson – Nieves the future

They say it’s not what you say, but rather what you do that truly counts.
While Christine Johnson – Nieves is not likely to ever be found tooting her own horn her life has been dedicated to service.

From serving our country in the military as a Sargent and Hand Receipt Holder- in charge of millions of dollars of military equipment, to raising two children and earning her Masters in Counseling, to her work with Marillac House since 1982, where she serves as the Director of Social Services presently it is evident that protecting and caring for others is in her nature.

Christine moved to Noble Square Cooperative in 1976.  She was first elected to the Board of Directors in 1993 and still serves on the Board of Directors as the President.

Christine and her Husband David live in the townhomes located on Noble Squares vast acreage.   They continue to enjoy the many benefits, long term relationships and fellowship which as we all know Cooperatives are known to have in abundance.