A Word From Our New President, Richard Berendson

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives (MAHC), I want to thank you for attending the MAHC's 52nd Annual Conference. This was truly a Celebration of Knowledge and Experience!

More importantly, I salute you, the representatives of your Cooperatives, whose voluntary efforts and enthusiasm make Housing cooperatives a wonderful place for your neighbors to live at a cost which they can afford. .

I hope you enjoyed the conference and the beautiful city of New Orleans.  My hope is that you return to your homes with a wealth of knowledge and Friendship to share with your fellow cooperators.

As Bill always said:
MAHC Today
Remember, an informed board member is an effective board Member.  We have accomplished much together but there is still much to do.

MAHC Tomorrow
MAHC must work to reach those who have never made themselves part of this organization, and there are many. 

MAHC Forever
Let us give thanks for those who came before us, whose shoulders we stand upon today, whose footprints we walk in. Help us prepare for the future by continuing to blaze a trail of education and enlightenment which will empower our future generations and preserve our Cooperative heritage. 

Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives (MAHC) has been recognized as one of the nation’s leaders in training, education, and support services for housing cooperatives in the United States

As the new president I will be reaching out to current and new board members to get them involved in MAHC.   Education is and will be the most important thing Now and in