A Profile Interview with Board Member
Blaine Honeycutt

of Georgetown Place Cooperative, Taylor,  Michigan

We had the opportunity to interview MAHC Board Treasurer, Blaine Honeycutt recently and were very privileged to gain his perspective on life as a Board Member at his Co-op as well as his insight on what MAHC membership means to him. 

MM: Hi Blaine, thanks for taking the time to do this, let’s start by asking you how long have you served on the board at your cooperative?

BH: Well. That would be 23 years. 

MM: Wow! That’s amazing and quite inspiring! Speaking of inspiring what inspired you most to become a board member?

BH: The answer is a very strong desire to become more active here in the community, where we live and a driving aspiration to make a personal impact to improve it, not just for my family but for other members, friends and neighbors as well. 

MM: That certainly sounds intriguing and indeed commendable, it raises our next question which is; what strengths/qualities do you feel are important to individuals that wish to serve on the board?

BH: That’s a three part question, let me just say this; first and foremost, there is a sense of pride in the place you live, from that sense of pride comes a sense of passion to help make your Co-op community the very best place possible.  Next, I believe that individuals should possess strong leadership qualities but it goes further than that because effective leaders should have a natural compassion for the individuals that they serve and therefore, they should possess the ability and desire to treat each member of the Co-op community equally and respectfully, this is essential.  

MM: Okay, well that sounds fair.  Let me ask you about MAHC, what do you like best about MAHC membership?

BH: By far that would be the large amount of educational resources and training that is available through membership in this organization.  It’s a great thing to be able to come back to your community and share and implement the educational training.   This aspect helps me fulfill my goal to help make my Co-op community the best it can be, because of this our community is constantly growing and becoming better. For sure it’s a win-win for both the co-op and the board members as well.

MM: So then is that what you like most about the MAHC conferences? 

BH:  Well for sure, the education and instruction is big for me but the networking aspect of the conferences is immeasurable.  The opportunity to network and fellowship with other Cooperative board members is a huge benefit of the conferences.  This for sure a major benefit of MAHC membership. 

MM: That makes very good sense! Blaine, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to us and in closing I’d like to ask you this; as an individual board member, what kind of an impact do you wish to have on the cooperative that you represent? 

BH: Really I just want to do the best I can to make Georgetown a safe place for all members not just for families that are bringing up children but for adults and senior citizens as well.  I really want this community to share my pride and passion so that together we can feel honored to live in a well-kept place where we, as a community, are proud to call this cooperative our home.

MM: Wow, way to go Blaine! You’re a shining example, of what board members are all about.  Keep up the good work!

Blaine Honeycutt has been a MAHC board Member for 12 years.  He is a member of Georgetown Place Cooperative in Taylor, Michigan where he has actively engaged as Board President.