An Interview with Harriette L. Woodards
She’s been here longer than anyone...

Harriette Woodards joined MAHC as a board member from Fountain Court Consumers Cooperative back in 1976 before the organization had had a chance to grow. We tracked her down for an interview which was a very difficult task since she is one very busy lady. Here is what we learned:

MM: What attracted you to MAHC?
HW: I wanted to be one of the members of the board to see MAHC rise and go forward with more education and guidelines. It was a great thing while we were under HUD because quality housing was made affordable to the people. With he progress to Market Rate the landscape has changed quite a bit.

MM: What are the greatest achievement of MAHC over the years?
HW: The fact that we have been able to branch out and expand our conference boundaries. There was a time when our conferences and conventions were stationed only in the Midwest.; Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana...etc. Now we travel across the country to places like California and Nevada. Our first convention out of the Midwest region was to the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas!

MM: As MAHC has evolved over the years, do you see changes that may have a not so great impact?
HW: Modern Technology; internet, email...etc. while great for efficiency seems to pull us away from the personal touch that MAHC has always possessed. That personal touch is what the housing cooperative movement is all about.

MM: Where would you like to see MAHC go in the future?
HW: My dream has always been to see MAHC go to Washington. Not just for a conference. But to be positioned there like National. I would like to see MAHC there not just representing the Midwest region but all states across the country.